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This week Drax spoke to Kate Stilley-Steiner, sister of acclaimed artist Tucker Stilley, who uses adaptive technology to continue making breathtaking art 20 years after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). 

Virtual Ability’s Cape Able Island hosts art exhibits by deaf artists and/or artists with disabilities. Exhibits change quarterly, and just like a physical gallery, the works can often be purchased privately through the artist.

Tucker’s new collection is called ‘Palimpsessed,’ and he describes his creative vision as follows:

“The term “palimpsest” describes the unnatural sedimentary accumulation of imagery, information and concepts. For instance, on a billboard, many years of imagery may suddenly form an inexplicable Dada collage after a twister rips the surface down to bare plywood; leaving a dog, pulling the underpants off a sweaty cola bottle, who is smoking a cigarette with half a handsome, torn, lopsided grin. Fragmentary meanings combine into the mysterious. Unsaid, unthought, unquestioned dream of the present. I treasure this moment. I am palimpsessed.”

Tucker’s art has been lauded for years, with the  LA Times describing it as “breathtaking images of the frailty and strength of the human condition.” Creativity runs in the family: Tucker's sister, Kate Stilley-Steiner, is a filmmaker. The strength of their bond is incredibly inspiring, proving that the encouragement of family and community can help you do anything.

Visit Tucker's exhibit at the Cape Able Island gallery today to see his images of resilience and the truth of his extraordinary spirit.

The exhibit is co-presented by Second Life, Virtual Ability, Inc., the Cape Able Art Gallery, Cohort of Disembodied Artists and Citizen Film. Tucker Stilley’s work has been curated by distinguished artists Sam Durant, Randi Malkin Steinberger, Kate Brown and Craig Milanesi. His work has been featured nationwide including at the Venice Beach Biennial in collaboration with the Hammer Museum, the Disney CALARTS Theater, the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Monte Vista Projects, the Keystone Art Space, Artist Curated Project (ACP) LA, the Nave Gallery and Hen House Studios. 

Special thanks for facilitating the virtual exhibit at VAI to Gentle Heron and Eme Capalini

And here is a special treat for Second Life residents: Tucker’s graphic novel - which he actively continues to write - “The Permanent Record of New Jack Rasputin” is free to download here!

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres
RL Footage courtesy of Kate Stilley-Steiner 


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