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Second Life Destinations: Elvion

Linden Lab


Escape to a wonderland of wildflowers and rolling hills at Elvion, a quiet sanctuary for daydreaming and the like.

Built by creator Bo Zano out of adoration for “Elves and other creatures... a relic from my long time playing Skyrim. It is now in its sixth version, every version being unique in style.” Elvion shares some familiar traits with other fantasy realms of Second Life, such as an ethereal atmosphere with a soft amber glow buzzing from the trees. Yet it is a completely original interpretation of the theme. The train station at the landing point gives it a modern feel, like this could be a small English country town.

Bo tells us “I have always been fascinated by 3D modeling and rendering. After I found out I could "edit" in SL, I have been building {regions}.” Elvion has gone through many remodels, with Bo saying “With every iteration I try to improve things and apply the lessons learned from previous ones. But, it is also about finding a way to be creative. To put my thoughts and feelings into creating something that inspires…” The landscape is stunning, and each step forward along the overgrown rail tracks feels like the unfolding of a peaceful reverie.

With Elvion, teamwork has proven to be invaluable. Bo says, “The last versions of Elvion I have been co-building with my RL and SL partner Una Zano. I do mostly the landscaping and exteriors now, while she makes amazing interiors and decorative scenes.” A special part of Elvion's personality involves the furry friends roaming around. There's an adorable English Bulldog hanging out, as well as farm animals. The cliffs overlooking the water provide an amazing view and speak to the variety of terrain found here.

In the creator's words, “Enjoy beautiful vistas in this relaxing paradise, from stunning ocean views and forest trails to detailed interior scenes. Elvion is an ideal place for photographers, bloggers and couples.” Visit Elvion today!

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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