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Second Life Destinations: The Dollhouse Forest

Linden Lab


This week we are visiting The Dollhouse Forest, which currently has a macabre theme. 

Creator Lil Brat (stylized as ღ Lil вЯαⓉ ღ) tells us “I felt like I needed a place of my own to show my creativity, my craziness, and the creepy corners of my mind.” Many of us love spooky things all year round, and Lil Brat was influenced by things like the Goosebumps books and old nursery rhymes with morbid undertones. In fact, there is a Nursery Rhyme Garden, of which Little Brat says “Here I have put out different scenes from different kinds of old nursery rhymes. I have read a lot about the background history of them... From Queen Mary (aka Bloody Mary) to the black plague, to kids falling down from trees.”

The landing point gives you the option to teleport to the seasonal platform or enter through the maze. Don’t miss out on the scenic route, as it is filled with “many different artistic pieces. I love art and want to be supportive of other creators in Second Life.”

The seasonal platform is currently WWII themed, as Lil Brat enjoys learning about history. She says “The seasonal platform I change up every season 100%... Last year at one point it was a mix between Secret Garden and {an} Alice in Wonderland tea party…”

This region is a testament to the friendship and community Lil Brat has found in SL. In fact, according to Lil Brat, “The Dollhouse itself was a gift from one of my best friends in SL, and I absolutely love it.” It seems that people coming together over common interests is now more important than ever. Of her inworld friends, Lil Brat says “I definitely couldn't have done any of this without them. Friends are definitely something you're gonna need if you are gonna create something in SL. For support, but also for help and someone who can build you up if things get hard at times.”

Visit the fantastic and spooky landscape of The Dollhouse Forest today.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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