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Valentine's Day in Second Life - Call for Submissions

Brett Linden



The Second Life editorial team is looking for great romantic and Valentine’s Day-themed events and locations to showcase in the February edition of The Sandbox newsletter, as well as in the Destination Guide.

Is your favorite store or location participating in or preparing a special Valentine’s Day hunt, event or promotion? What do you think are some of the more beautiful and romantic spots in Second Life?

Share your favorites with us here no later than 5 PM (Pacific) on Jan. 10, 2011 and we’ll check ’em out! Don’t forget to include the SLurl link so that others can find your place or event, too.

We also have a special opportunity for those venue owners or groups coordinating grid-wide or store-wide Valentine’s Day hunts. For the first time ever, we’ll be publishing some “first location” clues and hints to share with The Sandbox readers. If you are organizing a Valentine’s Day hunt and would like to participate, please email the Editorial Team or leave a comment with basic information on your hunt no later than 5 PM (Pacific) on Jan. 10.




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I look forward to Valentine. Anyone planning a hunt? Please contact me. I have a whole sim named ***** (Look up my profile if you are interested - I don't want to place an ad here ) where there is Valentine the whole year long.

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Villain Baroque

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One of the most romantic and beautiful places I have ever been is Angel Manor, run by Kaya Angel. The extensive gardens have lots of areas to relax, dance or have a cuddle. The ballroom and theatre host some of the most spectacular performances. And the Opera House tends to all your theatrical needs. Truely, this place needs to be seen to be believed and perfect for a romantic day with your significant other.



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There is no more romantic place to spend your special day than at Bella Vida Jazz Lounge.

The ballroom features romantic views, live music concerts. A private ballroom in the heavens, a romantic swan ride, enchanting waterfall where you can cuddle, or take a rowboat around the lake.  And if the moment strikes you, have a beautiful wedding at the Renaissance Atrium.

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I am organizing the Valentine's Day Massacre hunt via the Asylum Hunts group. It's not exactly romantic, but vendors are asked to make a gift for men as well as women, so it may be a nice thing to do with your partner if you're not all into the lovey dovey hearts and romance type stuff. It starts Feb 1 and runs through March 1. The starting point can be found at my store in world here:  Vicarious Vitae - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cornflakes/96/137/21

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/me stands in Caledon Oxbridge ... what is that noise?

Even in this rarefied atmosphere I can hear waves of subterranean laughter.

You may wish to reconsider the title of this blog entry, my dear Brett.

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Wizardhat Studios is already in the destination guide under Nature and Parks.   One may find another sim as beautiful as this one, but one is not going to find one more beautiful.   A living painting, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.    Vistors regularly share that they find it the most romantic sim in sl.   Thats what they say.   The land speaks for itself.




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We're planning huge events and a Sim Wide Hunt at Mainland London. We have over 40 of SL top merchants participating, along with concert events, contests, prizes and parties running from 5 Feb through 15 Feb. On Tuesday 14th February we have a 60s Style Flower-Power Valentines Party in Regents Park with 60s smooch music and retro decor complete with pychedelic Camper Vans and competitions!


Check is out at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mephilo%20Tor/178/205/1601

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Self Promotion Alert.

The SL Botanical Gardens are a lovely place for a sweethearts walk through the woods.  This PG sim offers lots of opportunities for cuddles and even a few covert kisses in the Kissing Gazebo.

Slow dance with your baby next to the crashing ocean waves or meditate together while Buddha shares some calming wisdom with you both.

Tour the islands in a gondola, climb the treehouses of Lothlorien, and lay in the tall grasses of The Meadow.

If today is THE BIG DAY, there is a proposal animation set by one of the fountains on The Terraces.

Come fall in love with us!


http://slurl.com/secondlife/The botanical Gardens/192/59/38



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Sweethearts has been my destination of choice when looking for good jazz with a friendly/romantic atmosphere for over one year now. The "friends and family" at Sweets are down to earth and friendly, the music is always awesome, they have lots of contests and freebies, great shopping , and the atmosphere is both romantic and comfortable. Sweethearts has an outdoor ballroom, and lots of little secret areas to sneak away for a little innocent romantic time with my sweetie. Sweethearts has a dating service as well, although most of the singles seem to meet their someone special right there while visiting.


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There's nothing more traditional than a quickie Valentine's Day wedding in Vegas. In honor of this most romantic of days, the Little White Chapel on the Weir sim will be hosting Valentine's Day inspired wedding's the entire month of February. There's even an Elvis style minister available on request. Find it at:



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This year our Annual Sweethearts Rodeo will be a two day event! February 12th & 13th we'll be conducting the usual barrel racing, bull riding, and big concerts, but our big surprise is the live video debut of a talented guitarist/songwriter doing his first Secondlife performance.

So grab your Sweetheart, get your boots, hat, and chaps on, ready your horses and hitch the trailer, because like all our annual rodeos, they get bigger and better!







Aero Pines Park Rodeo Grounds



Aero Pines Park is a popular dating destination with its variety of activities for couples seeking romantic adventures


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  • Community Manager

Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions. We'll be looking at all of these as we get closer to February.

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I own a wedding planning business in SL, Star*Crossed Weddings, and I am doing a Hottest Couple photo contest in conjuction with Playmate Palace and Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.

The grand prize is a wedding worth 25,000L (or 12,500L cash), attire for the bride and groom, and a spread in the February issue of Playmates Magazine, with cash (6000L, 4000L, and 2500L) for the runner-up(s).

The contest will be open for entering on January 17th, with voting running from January 24th- February 10th.   We will be creating a romantic garden at Playmate Palace to host the contest boards and for couples to relax and enjoy being with each other. We will have landmarks to the wedding venues at Star*Crossed Weddings, wedding clothes and flowers at Rebel Hope Designs, Inc., and of course they will get to wander the Playmate Palace sim while voting.

We want to make one couple's wedding dreams come true this February!

Juliet Moonshadow, Star*Crossed Weddings


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I honestly have no idea what I'll be doing for Valentine's Day and I have no plans .... have you that a good suggestion or advice?

Greetings prom Croatia.

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Hi there,

I'd like to suggest Daydream Island. It's one of the most peaceful, beautiful and romantic locations in SL. It has been created for couples seeking an idyllic setting for romance, or for people wanting to make new friends from around the globe.  Daydream Island is well established and very friendly, with an active SL group of around 2000 residents.

We may be having a sim-wide Hunt this year (yet to be confirmed) but if not we always have romantic Valentines gifts for all sim visitors from 1st to 14th Feb.

Daydream Island is listed on SL's Destination Guide under Romance > Romantic spots and here's the SLurl  



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