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Linden Lab's New CEO

BK Linden


I’m happy to announce some very exciting news today: Rod Humble is Linden Lab’s new CEO. Our press release is here. You’ll hear from Rod himself after he starts in mid-January, but in the meantime, we wanted to share a brief introduction.

Rod has an impressive depth of experience in developing and leading fun, immersive entertainment experiences that have been great successes. As a 20-year veteran of game development, he’s worked on more than 200 games, and last year, the gaming magazine Edge named him #2 on their annual list of Hot 100 Game Developers. Rod is coming to Linden Lab from Electronic Arts, where he was Executive Vice President and led EA Play, including the best-selling PC game franchise of all time, The Sims. Prior to EA, he was a VP of Product Development at Sony Online Entertainment, where he led the EverQuest Studio.

Rod has a deep appreciation for what makes Second Life special. He’s already been exploring and experimenting inworld to familiarize himself with the pluses and minuses of our product and the successes and challenges faced by our Residents. He’ll officially start at the Lab in mid-January, and I’m excited for us to begin 2011 with fresh perspective, renewed energy, and creativity.

To give you a sense for Rod’s creativity, personality, and perspective, here are few links to his personal creations and a couple of press interviews he’s given:

Art games Rod has created in his ‘spare’ time:

Press interviews with Rod:

Happy holidays to you all from Linden Lab! We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year -- it’s going to be a great one for Second Life!

Rod's bio:

Rod Humble is Chief Executive Officer at Linden Lab, and he leads the company’s strategy and the development of Second Life. Humble’s 20-year career in the game development industry has included work on more than 200 games. He joined Linden Lab from Electronic Arts, where, in his role as Executive Vice President, he led the EA Play label, which includes the best-selling PC game franchise of all time, The Sims. In 2009, he was ranked #2 on the annual list of the Hot 100 Game Developers from gaming publication Edge. Prior to his work at Electronic Arts, Humble served as Vice President of Product Development at Sony Online Entertainment for the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) EverQuest.


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Oh yes!  Welcome to LL and to Second life Rod Humble!  I am looking forward to seeing what you can do to fix some of the problems in Secondlife  Also hoping that you have a good "ear" to listen to what we the residents want!  Again, welcome aboard!

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Aloha nui loa Rob.  Looking forward to your leadership and vision guiding our contined, collaborative, creativite expansion of Second Life into the virtual realm  . . .and the real lives of more people and new organizations.  Go Forth!  Create!

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A promising background. As long as we're not going to a "token" system and Commerce/cashouts will remain intact, I'm very hopeful...welcome aboard.

My first hope is that you'll prioritize the reconstruction of the LL Commerce Team, including a strong leader with very good customer relationship skills.

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I wonder if Rod has the guts to listen to the actual customers or if he will continue LL's long-time practise and ignore them completely. Kingdon wrote an article about how necessary it is to listen to customers but that was before he joined LL. Upon joining, those thoughts went out of the window and he slotted in perfectly with the way things work here - ignore existing customers, who actually *have* a wealth of SL experience, and hope that salvation lies in the acquisitoon of new ones. Kingdon failed. I wonder how Rod will fair here.

I'll hold back any "welcome" for him until I see how he does things.

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Rodvic Linden is his name? Looks like an impressive Rèsumé indeed. I knew there was a chance someone would be better as I am. I'm glad it's Rodvic.

Why can't he start earlier? I'm sure there are some chores for him to do, like make his own introduction in the blogs so we can welcome him.

Can't wait for next year, with all that has been teamed up so far I'm sure it will be amazing.

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Welcome then please have a look into the no profit situation you are loosing all the artistic sims Second Life will be covered by Opensims running this way.

I wish you can understand.

Have a good stay


Luce Laval

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Good luck, Mr. Humble.

You should be aware that new users who make accounts with the new naming system can't ask questions in the user to user help system Second Life Answers or the user discussion area Second Life Forums.  People have lots of technical problems and questions about how to do things when they first start Second Life, and I'll wager that some folks leave SL as a result of not being able to post in these parts of the website.

We won't see any comments from new users with new name system accounts here owing to this problem.

Merry Christmas.


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Welcome, and best wishes.

Unfortunately, you have an easy act to follow, and you're taking hold of what appears to be a ship without direction or pilot, and most of all with no connection with its users.

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Welcome Rod, I am looking forward to the new year and can only hope that it is fun looking back. Second Life is a wonderful platform to do anything you like. I do record much of my SL to share with any and all.

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Welcome aboard, though I an no longer a full time resident of this grid, I do hope you can bring it's software into the present and give residents what they want and need fairly.

You have your job cut out for you though. Hope you have taken a peek at the JIRA to, I am sure people would be exstatic if some of the bugs that have been neglected for years finally get fixed.

Just remember, don't stiffle resident creativity, treat them fairly, and lay blame where it should be and not always on the residents.

Lets keep SL a fun place to play for those of us that no longer live on the grid but come here to play when ours does not yet have the facilities.

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When will you california metas ever learn.. If your not following a guy with funny hair, you're overpaying a guy with a british accent. Media in NY figured out that scam 25 years ago.

Enjoy. And yes. It means a tightening away from the "creative clients" making money, to the "carnivaling of SL" using the content others made for pennies...and then selling it all to EA in 2012 for better jobs.

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Welcome to SL, Rod. I do hope you don't take a certain page from EA with you here. I.E... Don't have SL go down like The Sims Online did.

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What only #2 in 2009!! This is 2010, SL deserves #1 from 2011!!!

Just kidding, welcome, looking forward to you putting your stamp on SL.

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Rob sounds like a person very passionate about games and creativity AND a good manager. He and SL could be a perfect match. Hopefully he will not try to turn SL into something it isn't (like Mark Kingdon did) but rather leverage its strengths. Good luck!

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I do hope this is true:

"Rod has a deep appreciation for what makes Second Life special. He’s already been exploring and experimenting inworld to familiarize himself with the pluses and minuses of our product and the successes and challenges faced by our Residents."

If it is really true, then perhaps I can unjade myself.

What would really be impressive, if from now to mid-January when he takes full charge, that he spends a minimum of 50 hours in SL, owning land and trying to make a go of it by selling or renting it out, and making products and trying to sell them though his inworld store and SLM. But alas, I am still very jaded, and I doubt he will do these things, and we will have another "suit" in charge of LL and SL, kissing venturist capitalist butt, and trying to screw all the residents and never listening to a word they say.

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Hi & Welcome Rod.

Do    not    let   anyone   discourage    you.

There's quite a few bad apples in the bunch who like to rain on even the grandest of parades.

SL is struggling to emerge from it's baby stages into something glorious & magical. It will be wonderful if you can make that happen.

Perhaps the mass of people out there, will only understand SL if introduced as entertainment, but once they are here for long enough they all come to realize the depth of the friendships and connection to be made here. Some even may come to realize the extent of it's potential.

All in all, my best wishes to you.

CaSimone Aquitaine (Cathrine A. Simone)

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