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Second Life Destinations: A Taste of Bali and Japan

Linden Lab



This week we are visiting a region inspired by the sumptuous beaches of Bali and the tranquility of Japanese zen gardens.

Creator Rosie Helendale has been a Second Life Resident for 13 years and says that for her, SL has been both a vital social network as well as a creative outlet “to turn my imagination into some form of virtual visualization.” Rosie tells us that she has met some of her closest friends in SL, and is an active participant in art and recreation. “From photography, creating content, choreographing my own dance routines, performing in dance shows, creating regions with friends, to memorializing it all on my own personal YouTube channel.”

After some experiences helping her friends build regions in SL, a few months ago Rosie was finally able to accomplish her dream of creating her own. While Rosie has a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, she says that her friend Guy Bagshawe “has in-depth firsthand experience and knowledge of everything Bali, and his enthusiasm for the place got me totally hooked on it.  From those two things sprang my inspiration to create an interpretation and representation of Bali and Japan.”

The Bali portion is drenched in the rosy glow of a beachside sunset. Enjoy a meal or a cocktail in the open air restaurant a few paces from the shore. A bit of exploration will lead you to a chicken coop and an open courtyard with baboons grooming each other all around you.

In case that wasn’t relaxing enough, the Japanese side of the region has tai chi poseballs in the zen garden, and make sure to look for the adorable baby panda.

Rosie tells us “one of my favorite content creators is Skye for landscaping: their content is high quality with attention to detail.” However, some of the items found here were crafted by Rosie herself. “The items in the souvenir kiosks at the tai chi garden and monkey forest I made myself using full perm items from the marketplace. You can even click the postcard rack and send a postcard to friends inworld just like you would if you were on a visit in real life!”

Rosie would like us to know that “the best way to see all the attractions is to hop on the balloon tour. It takes you to every part of the island and gives out real life information about each area in local chat.” See the deep blue waters for yourself by visiting A Taste of Bali and Japan today.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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