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Second Life Destinations: CELLS by Moki Yuitza at The Sim Quarterly

Linden Lab



Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of primitives made of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Today we take a deep dive into the colorful art installation, Cells by Moki Yuitza at The Sim Quarterly. 

Moki Yuitza is a master prim manipulator using those basic Second Life building blocks to create complex and colorful immersive art in Second Life since discovering our world in 2008. Art has always been an important part of Moki’s life, but she doesn’t consider herself an artist, rather a good craftsman. Second Life is her infinite blank space, a sandbox as it is, and prims and lights are her brushes and colors. 

Cells is Moki’s latest gift to the Second Life art world, currently housed in The Sim Quarterly, which is owned and curated by Electric Monday.

The mission of The Sim Quarterly is to bring art and immersive installations to Second Life. Every three months a new artist is invited to share their creativity in a region-wide 3D installation that can consist of original art or scenic builds, with one thing in common - they have to be experiential. The visitor will use more than one sense while there, fully immersed inside the art rather than merely looking at it.

Visit Cells today and let your senses do the exploring.


Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres


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