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Music Made in Second Life: Gabriel da Silva

Linden Lab


This week we are spotlighting Gabriel da Silva, a Portuguese musician who plays hard rock for consistently packed shows in Second Life.

Gabriel comes from a family of musicians, so the decision to pick up a guitar felt quite natural. He has been dedicated to his craft for most of his life, and his hard work has not gone unnoticed. He has won first place in worldwide music competitions, and before COVID, Gabriel was busy touring with his power-trio around the UK and continental Europe supporting the legendary band Anvil.

Playing in Second Life did bring some unexpected cultural differences to light. Gabriel says, “In Portugal it is a bit of an insult to tip people, not only performers. But once [I] learned that this is one way of making an income in Second Life and a sign of appreciating the artist, [I] embraced the ‘American style.’” For Gabriel, music is the love of his life as well as his main source of income: tipping, fixed fee in other clubs, selling RL merchandise, and music via his website. He even has a new EP coming out soon, so stay tuned!

He also plays shows in SL almost daily. You can catch him performing regularly at his club, Hard Rock Garage, in addition to many different regions. With such a busy performance schedule, Gabriel actually coded a fan club system and made it available for other SL musicians to use.

Gabriel is a shining example of how creative types can continue to hone their craft and connect with people in Second Life during the isolation of COVID. Check out his schedule of inworld performances!


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