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Second Life Destination Guide is being Uplifted to the Cloud!

Strawberry Linden


Luane's World.jpg
Pictured: Luane's World

One of my most favorite part of my job description is updating the Second Life Destination Guide. I discover beautiful new locations to explore, all created by you, the Residents! We know how beloved it is to our Residents as well, that’s why we wanted you to be aware of a temporary freeze on new additions to the Destination Guide over the next few days and possibly until early in January.

Why? As part of our overall migration to the cloud, some of our web publishing tools (including what we use internally to update the Destination Guide) may be unavailable for our internal editorial team. 

The good news is that the web version of the Destination Guide will still be accessible to everyone, and so will the Destinations floater that you can find on the toolbar in your Second Life viewer.
Destinations Floater.jpg

We just won’t be able to add, update, or delete any entries during the uplift process. If you want to submit or update an entry, please email the information to editor@lindenlab.com and we will get that done as soon as we have access to the tool again.

We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, discover the beauty of the season by exploring the winter category, which now showcases over 100 snowy destinations to explore!



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