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Second Life Destinations: Travel to Real Life Hot Spots

Linden Lab



From historical buildings to monuments of nature, and places that embody authentic local cultures, explore virtual incarnations of places from the physical world.

With Second Life the world is at your fingertips, and you can see places you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank or dragging around a heavy suitcase.

What’s incredible about these regions is that they can exist in a space where chronology is fluid. Experience 19th century charm with the convenience of modern comforts! Whatever you choose to wear will be just right for the climate, and you can walk as fast or slow as you like without getting lost in the crowd.

Visit the locations featured in the video today!

  • Village of Ciampi: The Tuscan countryside embodies a rustic charm and timeless romance. You’ve probably seen it featured in many popular films, so teleport over soon.
  • Mitsumi Town: Based on an urban neighborhood in Tokyo, this region has made headlines for years. It was painstakingly modeled using Google Maps and real photographs.
  • Zwieselalm: For those who live close to the Equator, or just can’t get to a winter wonderland fast enough, the Upper Austrian Alps are the perfect place to get bundled up, do some exploring, and wind down with some hot cocoa.
  • Venezia City Showcase: This highly detailed recreation of Venice is as real as you can get. Take a stroll along the canals with a friend or with the company of the city itself.
  • Little Santorini: A famous Greek island with volcanic sand beaches and beautiful homes. Go scuba diving and lose track of time in this sophisticated oasis.
  • The Grand Canyon: At 5-6 million years young, this masterpiece of nature is always breathtaking. Beat the heat with a virtual visit.
  • St. Louis Arch: The architectural emblem of this American city is instantly recognizable to many. An afternoon in the park is always a great low key way to relax.
  • Terra Egypta: Ancient Egypt beckons to be explored and contextualized in the modern age.
  • Garrigua: Based on Garrigues,the south of France is a highlight for every traveller.

Share your travel adventures with friends by uploading pictures to our Flickr and share #ExploringSecondLife with us on social media! Other Residents will be delighted to see the possibilities, and there are so many more places to visit.

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