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This week we’re taking a broader look at the possibilities within Second Life for expression, metamorphosis, and a unique type of freedom from our current circumstances in the physical world. There is no denying that we are social animals, and while we are in this period of indefinite isolation, connecting with others in a dynamic environment can be very rewarding.

At this point almost all of us have had to pass up a vacation or event we were looking forward to, and not everyone has access to partially reopened spaces. In Second Life we can safely explore nature, hear the push and pull of the tide, and feel present in a place we’ve always wanted to go to.

The phrase quarantine vacation might seem like an oxymoron, but it is definitely possible in SL. A luxury getaway to the Fashion Week of your choosing is only a few clicks away, and whether you’re in the audience or on the runway is up to you. Plus, this is the only place that we condone riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

What do you miss the most? Recreational sports, the endless row of bookshelves in your library, chatting with others at a gallery reception? All of these things and more are waiting for you in-world. Of course there are certain things about the physical world that cannot be replaced, but there are also aspects of the virtual world that can augment your experience in ways that are inimitable.

It is liberating to give a 3D visual form to parts of ourselves that have traditionally been abstract and interior. Whether it is something you have daydreamed about for years or an aspect of yourself that has always existed beneath the surface, there is no better place to set your thoughts free.

Head to the Destination Guide today for a new adventure. Don’t know where to start? Pro tip: the Editors’ Picks are always poppin’.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres

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