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Join the Festivities at Winterfest

Delby Linden


Lace up your skates, grab your favorite ear muffs, and get ready for some wintry fun! Winterfest takes place Friday, December 10 through Saturday, December 18 with a variety of activities—from ice skating to live music—hosted on the Global Online Hockey Association’s six regions.

Check out the full schedule of events below (all listings are in Pacific time), and browse the Winterfest channel on the Destination Guide. We’re also featuring a Winter channel, which highlights Resident locations and activities related to winter fun and holiday culture. If you’ve got other events this season that you’d like to get into the Winter channel on the Destination Guide, then take a look at our winter activities call for submissions. If you’re in the market to buy, sell, or browse for winter-related goods, then check out the Winterfest category on the Marketplace, including 13 handy sub-categories for easy searching.

We hope to see you at Winterfest 2010! (And we’re looking forward to meeting some of you in cold combat at the Resident/Linden snowball fights!

Events Open All Day, All Week

Special Events Throughout the Week

Friday, December 10
Saturday, December 11
Sunday, December 12
Monday, December 13
Tuesday, December 14
Wednesday, December 15
Thursday, December 16
Friday, December 17
Saturday, December 18


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I understand that most Lindens work from 8am-5pm SL Time and that is the reason you have the Snowball Fights at the times you have listed. But it would be nice if you had extended hours for us residences that also work 8am-5pm SL Time.

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Heck, times for some of these events for people outside the United States would be good, too. Winterfest is for everyone, not just Americans.

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What happend to the winterfest land auctions? I haven't heard a word about it.  Are they not being held this year?

It is being hosted by GOHA ----> "from ice skating to live music—hosted on the Global Online Hockey Association’s six regions."

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Blondin thank you for fixing the concern with the internal password protected link. Giving us the password would have been more fun though. Now about this snowball fight. I love the idea of throwing snowballs at Lindens so much that I just asked the boss if I could leave work an hour early to attend a "holiday activity" and the answer was yes, so I will be there! Now all I need to do is go shopping to find something to wear, hum... what do you wear to a snowball fight? BTW because you did not address our concerns about time restraints you can expect a few extra snowballs headed your way.

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What happened to the Holiday Market??  Last year, we loved seeing all the businesses who had bid on, and won, spots on the holiday sims!!  What gives?

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Yay! Gotta get a few snowballs ready f'r the fight. Shame there's not more locations. Would love to see a snowball fight around Bay City somewhere. ;-)

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I'll be at the first snowball fight (I was hoping to be at the second, too, but checked my calendar and I have a family commitment that is strangely not seasonal). As Leonardo Dicaprio might say, "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN." I'll also be taking pictures with a waterproof lens. Some of them may even use the experimental new DEPTH OF FIELD blur so your snowballs are in focu — *SPLAT* AUGH!!! Too early! Who threw that one?

Protip: when a Linden is down for the count, ask them for their Linden Bear!

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It's truly a privilege to have been asked to kick off this year's Winterfest 2010. I'm sure with all the amazing events and full line up of talented performers, it's gonna be a HUGE success! I'm really glad to be part of it. Special thanks to Jack Belvedere for hosting it all!

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The snowball fight today was so packed that we all briefly killed a sim! So, we've adjusted the plans to actually hold it on 3 sims. For tomorrow's snowball fight at 8AM please try the following SLurls. Try using the map as well, because there were numerous scattered fights going on all over.


Thanks and hope to see you there!

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Definitely, congrats to the organization.

I had the opportunity to enjoy part of this year's event and has been a great experience, while instructive.
Great job Jack, and also mention the Marjan's funny ski jump.

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And good news: The Ski Jump will be a permanent attraction in Chamonix! There is even a group for residents to join if you wish to be informed if upcoming tournaments and news regarding the ski jump! The group is 'Chamonix City Ski Jump'. Hope to see you on the hill!

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