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Second Life Destinations: Halloween Haunted Neighborhood

Linden Lab



We have entered that time of year where unforeseen events can occur in even the most tranquil Linden suburbs: this week’s Destination Guide video explores the Halloween Haunted Neighborhood.


One of the many benefits that Premium account holders can receive is a land allotment to use for a Linden Home. These neighborhoods have been landscaped to perfection, the transportation is smooth, and the locals are friendly. In most Linden Home areas, waterfront homes are available, as are single-family homes with beautiful yards, and there are plenty of customization options. But somehow, just a few days ago, this dreamscape has become a nightmare that Residents can’t wake up from.

It is immediately apparent to anyone familiar with the Millbank region that the atmosphere has been altered. The light is subdued, and a gloomy fog hangs about. Strange noises can be heard in every direction, ranging from a whirring chainsaw to screams dappled with eerie childrens’ laughter.

Today's video follows a masked character with bulging eyes and an unnerving smile as he prowls the streets, lurks in a derelict carriage, and watches an unsuspecting couple with his unblinking gaze. We are given clues as to what heinous acts may have taken place here, but the mystery remains unsolved. A stately home sits with an open door and ominous red light emanating from the windows. A cemetary can be found with creatures bursting through the cement.

Are you courageous enough to find out for yourself what happened here in the Millbank region? Will you explore alone, or bring a friend? Visit the Halloween Haunted Neighborhood today, and don’t forget to bring a flashlight!

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres

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