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Haunted October Events: Halloween Swaginator Hunt, New Premium Gift & More

Linden Lab



Halloween Swaginator.jpg

Something spooky is happening in Second Life! As October begins, hundreds of haunted experiences and events are emerging from the dark shadows of Second Life. To jumpstart your jumpscares, we’ve assembled a few Halloween-themed highlights you won’t want to miss.


Halloween Swaginator Hunt 2020

The Halloween Swaginator Hunt is back! Can you find all five hidden Halloween-themed gifts? This year’s freebies are among the best ever! To get started, look for the special haunted edition of the Swaginator gift-giving station to grab your free HUD. 

Once you have the HUD, you can seek and find your free gifts through the month of October. 


New Premium Gift: Ghoul Follower


Want more gifts? Premium Members can now pick up the latest Premium Gift, an exclusive Ghoul Follower that will haunt you wherever you go in Second Life. 

Make a friend this Halloween with your own personal Ghoul! Add him to your avatar and your own spectral phantom will follow you wherever you go. Or rez him out on your land to haunt a particular area.

All-New Halloween Haunted Ride and Haunted Neighborhood

Have you heard the news? We’ve got an all-new Halloween Haunted Neighborhood filled with many haunted houses and other scary sights.

There’s also our classic Halloween Haunted Tour, which is back again for a limited time. Are you brave enough to enter?


More Haunted Attractions


Over two dozen haunted attractions and events have been added to the Haunted category in the Destination Guide in the last week alone - and you can expect dozens more in the coming weeks as we get closer to Halloween. Some of our favorites include MadPea’s Halls of Horror Interactive Hunt, Laurel’s Nightmare, and Halloweentown.

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