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Second Life Destinations: Sandboxing Around the Grid

Linden Lab


A big part of the magic of Second Life involves building and scripting objects in real time and playing with prims. Sandboxes are designated areas for Residents to experiment with the art of building in SL, alone or with friends, in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of way.

If you don’t own land or your landlord just has a small area restricted to rezzing and finetuning your models, fear not. There are many different sandboxes in SL, and many are attached to helpful groups where experienced builders are at the ready to assist with tips and tricks. 

In the video we see several sandboxes featured, including one of the very first ones in Morris, which has been around since 2003 when the Welcome Area of Ahern came online.

The Ivory Tower of Prims can also be seen in the video. Not only does it have script-enabled sandbox areas with a separate damage-enabled weapons testing area, but The Tower is also an info hub for aspiring builders with lots of tutorials on how to manipulate the basic building block of SL: the almighty prim.

Another friendly sandbox area is the one embedded within the Amsterdam community. Don’t worry, many people in Amsterdam in SL speak English, so don’t hesitate to approach a friendly (flying?) Dutchman or woman if you are stuck with a building challenge.

There are even more places for your imagination to run wild in the sandbox category of the Destination Guide, and for premium Second Life members, there are exclusive members-only sandboxes available as well. If you ever feel stuck, in addition to chatting with members of building groups, please don't forget to check in with the building forums


Video Production Credits:

Draxtor Despres

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