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Second Life Destinations: Asiza's Islands of Love

Linden Lab


This week Asiza Wolf takes us on a tour of her floating Islands of Love, a seamless amalgam of her varying cultural interests that features steampunk ships, meditation areas, a concert stage, and more.


Asiza’s real life alter ego, Toni Harper-Dunlap, is a former professional singer and dancer who has graced the stages of The Apollo, Carnegie Hall, and Toast of the Town (later The Ed Sullivan Show), so you’d be lucky to catch her perform some impromptu jazz standards here.

Asiza says of the virtual world, “Second Life tickles me. It is my kind of thing. I am having a natural ball every day!” At the age of 83 Asiza/Toni is as creative as she has ever been, with Second Life her playground of infinite imagination.

Asiza turns the stereotype of the lonely old technophobe on its head, proclaiming “I am not afraid of technology. A busy mind is a good thing when the body can’t be that busy anymore. I am the happiest person that I have SL. It is a wonderful something to have in one's life. I have a new life here now and I do intend to truly enjoy it for as long as I am able to.” Her independent and robust spirit continues to thrive inworld and out; proving age is not a thing to be pitied but a badge of honor.

Asiza also refutes the misconception that people who are passionate about virtual realms don’t have a fulfilling experience of the real world: “I have a beautiful family, I love them to pieces. I’m busy doing my thing and they are busy doing their thing… They’re breathing their own air, I’m breathing mine.”

As Asiza/Toni is a practicing Buddhist, she has placed a replica of her home altar on the islands for anyone in search of quiet contemplation under the soft cosmic glow. This region is a visual representation of her dreams, character, and hobbies. There are a few hidden gems here too, like Asiza’s favorite room, which is a serene lounge with a purple (her favorite color) piano surrounded by flowers, as well as a salsa club located inside an active volcano.

To get the full schedule of regular performers, join Asiza’s group: SL’s top jazz and soul singers such as Scorpio Aeon and Tony Slade do regular shows here and weekly DJ events happen down in the fiery depths of the VolcanSiza Club. Asiza’s Islands of Love truly welcomes everyone, so visit today to see the spectrum of vibes.

The three songs Drax and Asiza/Toni recorded in Palm Springs in 2019 & the two tunes Scorpio Aeon performed in the video are available for download here.


Video Production Credits:

Draxtor Despres

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