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Celebrate Silly Holidays in Second Life

Tara Linden



Chankanaab cropped.jpg

Lean back with a coconut and pet an adorable sloth at Chankanaab


Some of us may have started out the shelter in place phase with regular virtual happy hours and group video chats, but as this period of isolation stretches on, many of those activities faded away. Video call burnout is real, and pandemic or not, most people get a little bummed out by a monotonous routine. Interacting with your environment in Second Life and teleporting to regions with different terrains and weather conditions is a great way to mix things up. This week, I have some suggestions on how to make breaking out of that summer slump even more enticing.

According to the internet, here are some of the silliest 2020 holidays in the next couple weeks:

1. Tooth Fairy Day (August 22)

You're never too old! Throw a fairy party filled with sweet treats at one of these fantastical spots.

2. Ride The Wind Day (August 23) 

What does that even mean? It's the anniversary of the first human-powered flight. But in Second Life, we can fly any day of the week. For those who haven't taken to the air in a while, Inspire Space Park and Forest of Mystical Dreams both have beautiful floating islands.

3. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (August 28)

If you're like me, pets are life. Read the Rainbow Bridge poem if you dare, it's a tearjerker. But you'll always have the memories. Have a tea party and share some of your favorite pet stories with friends.

4. World Coconut Day (September 2)

Don't have to tell me twice. Drinking out of a coconut and laying on the beach sounds like absolute bliss.

5. Beyonce's Birthday (September 4)

Okay, not technically a holiday but can you imagine the world without her? Get glammed up and remember how powerful you are.


If you'd like to observe one of these unusual holidays inworld, please upload a photo to our Flickr!

Merillu Lumoss.jpg

(Beautiful tribute to the Rainbow Bridge by Meriluu Lumoss)

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