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[QUICKTIP] Add a SLurl to your profile for easy teleport link

Torley Linden


This is another one of those "Mmm subtle" kinda tips. You may already know that with Viewer 2.x, we've superbly integrated SLurls (web-compatible links that teleport you to a specific Second Life place, as used in the Destination Guide), and that pasting a SLurl into chat shows it in brief.

Side tip: Pasting a SLurl can be a quicker way of broadcasting it to nearby friends while traveling as a group, instead of having to drag a landmark on each person or send individual teleport requests.

Did you also know that SLurl-pasting works the same way in your profile? Watch this video to see how you can easily include a favorite SLurl or more in your profile, so others can come visit.


What's your fave creative use for SLurls that more Residents should know about?


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Howdy, i built somthing related to slurls, in 2009 i started to get involed in twitter alot, then i decided there should be a shortner just for slurls, i developed my own called tpurl.me, this lasted until later this year when i had to pull back most of my costs inside second life (i may rebuild it again if there interest is there), a friend of mine is also building her own shortner service too sl8.us with facebook intergration, inworld intergration and twitter intergration via the oauth scripts provided by babbage linden.


Just thought id shed some light on the stuff the commuity has been doing for social networks, it would be awesome to see an offical shortner service from the lab.

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oh hey oliver. thx for mentioning the social avatar shortening service. i guess great minds think alike.

i love what's going on inside the browser with SLUrls, but yeah. if you're a twitter user, they can be a bit long. so yeah, you can pick up a HUD at "the social avatar" parcel at Meyers/171/14/48. just wear the HUD and you can mark locations in the virtual world with a comment, then you can tweet the comment and a shortened URL that points to the sl8.us website. twitter peeps who click on the link will get redirected to the in-world location. and you can optionally look at the SLUrl.

you can find out more at the intro page at sl8.us.

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shocking tutorial this is the first Linden ever wearing a AO (for the noobs under us AO is also known as a Animation Overdrive) OMG R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!!! now come wth revolution on the crappy viewer 2 please and make it look like v1 thanks!

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@Oliver Linden Lab's had internal discussion about having an URL-shortener before, no word on if we'll do it. I know some other services like WordPress have "rolled their own", so to speak. In the meantime, Resi innovation rulez. Speaking of...

@Meadhbh I've gotta check that out! Thanks!

@Hellespont So glad you noticed, AOs can make an incredibly expressive difference and everyone should know about them, because it's such an inevitable question. I'd like to see AOs available from the get-go.

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