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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger Jax Aster - Spring into Fresh Fashion

Linden Lab



When first approached to participate in this event, I was immediately excited to participate.  Spring fashion is always full of a wide variety of fun colors and styles.  But because pastels are not always my first colors of choice, I decided to stick with shades of blue, white, and khaki, as they portray the “fresh” theme of this event. I also wanted to show how you can use the same color scheme for several different looks while still maintaining the same theme.



 Hoorenbeek’s new mesh line includes these white slacks (also available in other colors). They come in a variety of sizes and rises and with different belt options to suit each avatar’s preference and stature. These pants are paired with a cool and breezy shirt from Mr. Poet that I tinted to my color of choice.


SHIRT: Mr. Poet – Loose Shirt – White (Tinted)

PANTS/BELT: Hoorenbeek – Mesh Pants – White (Low Rise/Fabric Belt)

NECKLACE: Rustica – Antique Cabochon - Turquoise

WATCH: Chronokit – Watch No.36 Dio - Silver




Redgrave always has a great selection of apparel in many different colors. For a long time, this jacket was only available in black, but the recent release of several new colors makes this the perfect light jacket for spring. Pairing this jacket with other newly released polo, pant, and shoe colors from the old Redgrave El Ganso, makes this an easy one-stop-shop for a fresh spring look.


JACKET: Redgrave – Suit Jacket - Creme

SHIRT: Redgrave – Classic Polo Shirt – Light Blue

PANTS/BELT: Redgrave – Herringbone Pants – Creme

SHOES: Redgrave – Classic Sneakers - Creme



After styling two looks that could either be dressed up or dressed down, I decided to go with a very casual, outdoorsy look. Spring is a great time to unpack your shorts and polo shirts and just have fun.  These shorts from NSD paired with a white polo shirt from Aoharu make a light and airy addition to anyone’s spring wardrobe. The sweater is from Gizza’s new mesh line that has just been released, while the shoes are a favorite from FIR&MNA.


SHIRT: Aoharu – Simple Polo Shirt – White

SWEATER: Gizza – Jacket for Shoulders – Ice

PANTS: NSD – Tour Boas - Tan

SHOES: FIR & MNA – Gumshoes - Cream

WATCH: Hoorenbeek – Magnum – Brown/White/Silver



Bio: I've been in SL for over 5 years and began modeling about half way to this point.  As a result, blogging became a way to document my modeling endeavours.  I am currently the reigning Mr. Virtual World for 2011 and have had the opportunity to meet many designers and blog their items. It has been a great opportunity.  Flickr  | Blog



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