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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger Rusch Raymaker - Androgyny

Linden Lab


Androgyny has become an interesting twist to fashion styles and for the reason that all men and women possess both male and female qualities, AVENUE stylist Cade Nansen and I, have decided to pay homage to one of the less conventional ways of dressing up and showing how men and women can look equally striking in androgynous styles.

Our first stride into Spring involves reworking the military look by injecting a vibrant color palette that will keep you looking cool and confident whilst taking charge of any given situation that demands for smart casual chic.

Andro #1.png


Rusch + Cade:

COCO // Homme Slim Fit Pants White

[iruco] // Vneck jacket

Hoorenbeek //  Dr. H Hight Top White Boots

Tableau Vivant // Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner

Mandala // Unisex Nail Pallete

On Cade:

NSD // Cross Mens Ring

Erratic // Cuff Silver ( Tinted Orange )

BURLEY // Sofian Hair

BOOM // Hard Candy Bracelet(orange cream)

Nyoko's // Bodyoil for Men

NSD // facetattoo In Love LIfe-Dark fade

On Rusch:

+ROZOREGALIA+ // *Archelon* RING

ANAPHORA // Kai Onyx Hair

Tableau Vivant // Andrej skin

Vaya Con Dios // Express Yourself Collection - Style 9 - Onyx Hair Base

Our second look is perfect for the fashion-savvy bachelor or bachelorette that's looking to stay suave and sassy through Spring. The quintessential black suit is given new life by pairing it with a mustard yellow shirt. Keeping it relaxed with the shirt unbuttoned, throw on a slim black tie loosely tied to chill in style.

Andro #2.png


Rusch + Cade :

Iruco // Roll-up pants (black)

DCNY // Sporty Socks

<kal rau> // Blazer Collection_Black+Shirt_Yellow

blackLiquid MAKEUP // gunmetal glitter shadow


AITUI TATTOO // Cover Music - Mistakes II

Amplify // Loose Tie Black


Hoorenbeek //  Yorkshire Shoes - Black

NSD // Justin Hair


BURLEY // Dimitri Black02 Hair

LANEVO // MC Hairbase Buzzcut (Bonnie-Black)

Tableau Vivant // Andrej skin

Cheerno // POKER gloves

On days when you want comfort from the chill and yet stay looking fashionably warn, this next mesh ensemble does the trick. Here's how to stay looking sharp without giving up on comfort or vice versa.

Andro #3.png

Rusch + Cade:

GizzA // Loose Sweater - Mesh [sand]

Maitreya // Leather Legging

Tableau Vivant // Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner

Mandala // Unisex Nail Pallete

chronokit // layer boots 02 Nylon Black

ROZOREGALIA // *Gazellver*Earring2/B


NSD // King's Back Ring

Shag Hair // Rebel



+ROZOREGALIA+ // *Archelon* RING

MADesigns HAIR // COLT ~Black III

Bio:  Rusch Raymaker, a stalwart in the fashion industry since 2007, is the founder, CEO and Chief Creative Director of AVENUE Inc, better known for its entities AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models & Academy and their groundbreaking marketing & PR campaigns. With over 20 years of real world expertise in fashion, marketing, advertising and public relations, Rusch brings a plethora of experiences into Second life having been a model, actress, performance artist, writer, marketing consultant, events director, choreographer, etc.



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