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SL17B Shop & Hop Applications Now Open

Linden Lab



Our annual multi-region inworld birthday shopping event is coming back this summer -- and we’ve just opened up the new application form for merchants who want to participate! 

The SL17B Shop & Hop event, to be held June 19 through July 12, is the official multi-region shopping event of the 17th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL17B). This event brings together many of the top merchants across SL for exclusive items and discounts on some of the best creations in Second Life.

Are you a merchant or creator that wants to participate? If so, then please fill out this form before Monday, June 1st, 2020. We will be filling in stores as we receive applications so please apply sooner rather than later.

Some important details for participating merchants:

  • The set-up for participating merchants will be held June 10-15 and all participating merchants are required to have at least a 20% discount on all items. 
  • Merchants are strongly encouraged to provide a new and exclusive, for the duration of the event, non-group gift.
  • Items need to be appropriate for a moderate audience.

For more details, see the application form.


SL17B celebrations begin June 19, which is only one month away - so this is a “last call” for exhibitors who are interested in participating. 

In Second Life, you can explore the (virtual) world from the safety and comfort of your own home -- and that’s why we’ve selected  “vacations and road trips” as this year’s SL17B theme. Whether you teleport directly or travel to your favorite SL destinations by plane, train, or automobile, we hope to see a wide variety of community exhibits and experiences that celebrate the spirit of Second Life escapism and travel. Interested exhibitors can apply now to participate in the festivities using our official exhibitor application form.

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