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Second Life Destinations - Lutz City of Templemore

Linden Lab



The popular live music venue Lutz City of Templemore is in the focus of this week’s “Second Life Destinations” video. Home to frequent performances by many of Second Life’s most popular musicians, Templemore is a full city with apartment buildings, businesses, outdoor areas with a little chapel, hidden pianos and many ambient and nested stages -- all drenched in soft green hues like a film set designed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

The region is dedicated to the late Garrett Lutz, a patron of live music in SL who managed many artists and venues before he passed away in 2017. 

Prior to his death, Lutz described Templemore as a “live music venue [that] features a grand stage where musicians become part of a living painting that reaches out to your very soul. Lutz City of Templemore isn't just a sim, it's home for your creative spirit.”

That spirit is still very much alive under current owner Luis Lockjaw, who has integrated all of Garett’s favorite aspects of Templemore into its most current form.

Musician Oblee, who is our tour guide this week, has played many Second Life venues over the years, but he says that Templemore is among his top favorites because of its particular charm due to its subtle mood, soft lighting, and overall beauty.

“It’s a work of art,” he says.

“I play a lot of local clubs but I really like playing in Second Life because there is such a great appreciation for original music,” says Oblee. “The importance of music in a time of social isolation is vastly understated.”

The song Oblee is playing in this video is an original live improvised tune called "Shapeshifter."

You can visit Lutz City of Templemore in Second Life via its entry in the Destination Guide, which also features several more live music venues worth exploring. To learn more about Oblee, visit his official website

Video production: Draxtor Despres

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