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Love Me Notes - Love in Less than 50 Words

Linden Lab



To celebrate this month of amore, we invite you to share a little love for your Second Life crush or flame in a short but sweet love note. Compose a haiku, pen some romantic prose, or simply proclaim your love in the Love Gallery- in 50 words or less!

Look for this to go live at 12 p.m. Pacific on February 1st in the Official Contests.


Let your romantic side shine, embrace the spirit of Saint Valentine and take a moment to ask that special someone to “Be Mine”, or admire them more discreetly with a little love note.

You can read what other’s have left - you never know there may be one for you. 

Don’t forget, you only have 50 words to craft your ode!

Kudos are open, so feel free to give them freely in the spirit of the month.

Love Me Notes will run from now until 12 p.m Pacific on February 29th, so take the power of the pen to the forums and bring on the love. Simply click the New Entry link to get started.


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Love....is always knowing no matter what that you will always stick by each other, to be the rock when the other feels weak. To be able to look your partner in the eyes and tell them that "no matter what bumps life makes us drive over, as long as we drive over them together we will be perfect".

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My soul sings for you
My heart beats for you
My smile aches for you
My arms yearn for you
All of me ...
... is for you
My songs are yours
My laughter's yours
My kisses are yours
My love is yours
All of me ..
... is yours
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