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Embark on a Quest in Linden Realms: Collect Crystals, Earn Linden Dollars and Have a Blast!

Linden Lab



We're excited to introduce Linden Realms, where Residents can dive directly into exploring the towers, caves and valleys of the Lab's first-ever game prototype. Dodge rock monsters and fierce fireballs as you cross deadly, toxic rivers to complete quests and cash in your crystals for Linden Dollars. And that's just the beginning...

Quests take you through the basics of game-play in Second Life while you earn Linden Dollars. You’ll start at Basecamp on Tyrah’s Island, where you’ll have your pick of exciting destinations to choose from!


  • Sunspire — Investigate a tower of experiments in teleportation and astronomy.
  • Shattered Cavern — Go deep into an intricate system of caves that snake down under a small mountain.
  • Devil's Canyon — Brave a  dangerous valley of fire and rock monsters, where the courageous are rewarded.
  • Whisper Hollow — Hike through a forest full of secrets and obstacles.
  • Banshee Peak — Soar above it all at the northernmost point of the island and admire the view of Whisper Hollow.
  • Tyrah's Peak — Scale the snowy peak overlooking the center of the island and the Basecamp.
  • Dark Moon Bay — Explore this southernmost point of the island, where Tyrah wrecked her ship and hopes to eventually escape.

Our teams dove deep into the inworld creation process during development, and are eager to share some improved tools that came out of this effort. Residents will soon be able to use those tools to create even richer original experiences in Second Life.


Dive in, explore — and experience the wonder of Linden Realms!

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Nice GAME, how about fixing SL and stop making something any decent builder in Sl could do already. In 2005 when i forst came to sl i was blinded by its beauty and the concept and were it was going, now i have sold my island and rent a small 2048 for a few bits and servers for my customers update.s and have moved to an open sim. Open sim is moving along nicely and dont rip me off on server price and give me 45k prims to play with.

You have taken nealry 20k usd from in tier alone, not chump change, and yet its you who make demands of me, supposed to be the other way round in business. bye.

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Are you all blind as to what's going on.  They disabled the 30 min. Auto-Log Off, common sense would tell you why.  I'm trying sell my parcel and I paid 12.2 L per sq./m. at the exchange rate at that time. At the current sale price I have it set to I have already lost $1000 US Dollars. I mean come on guys--would you not pull your investment out of anything else in this world if you lost that much. Real Estate has lost so much value on the Mainland and now there is way way to much Mainland area which isn't helping the market.  They need to reduce the Mainland size to help bring back up prices. I'm so pissed I can't even begin to describe. The phone and live chat people have no idea what your ever talking about and do not know the platform themselves.  At $195 a month for Mainland and $295 a month for an Estate this is a rich persons game and will always be that.

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While I'm sure this new addition is quite imaginative and promises us more ingenius building tools.. I can't say I'll get to experience it.  As it is,  the lag on my private, remote island sim that had peak performance just a few months ago is so laggy some days that I can barely move.   I can't imagine what this new shiney place will be like.  I'll check it out.. just to see.. but I'm not holding onto much hope for my success in being able to actually experience it as it was meant to be....  Without all the crashing,,cursing and gnashing of teeth.

I've been in SL for close to 5 years.  My husband and I have spent many thousands of dollars for the priveledge.  I've seen many things come and go.. but the past year has been remarkable in its steady decline of performance from every aspect. 

My question to the new owners of LL.  When will you start listening to your customers and give them the things they have  been begging and protesting about for years now?  Things like a more stable platform... added.. larger servers.  We all know you can afford them.  Reduced tier or at least more prims for our money.  REAL age verification so that we adults AND the children here can be protected. Oh.. and the SL V2 viewer.. and its subsequent enforcement on our 3rd party viewers that actually work..  for the love of all that is holy..  weren't you listening?  We don't like it... we don't want it.. why are you shoving it down our throats?  At least give us the choice!  Inventory issues.. everyday I find something else that i'm missing.  And the lastest 'gem'  objects disappearing into thin air before they are even rezzed when you pull them from inventory with little to no recourse in gettng them back.

I just want my relaxing.. hassle free..simple to use SL.  Pretty soon we will all need degrees from MIT and computers designed by NASA just play our beloved SL.  Stop with the shineys and fix what's there.  Please... I'm begging you.



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Compared to most people guess i'm new. My two cents ... i played the linden realms game because it said i could earn lindens. I did, earned about 150 of em. The game is not fun, but then i was playing to get lindens - so, course i liked it. probably go try to earn more tonight. And some people here said the game isn't really a game - more of a prototype to try out new functions.

I learned about second life word of mouth. signed up. its okay,  but really, not that much that i see to do, slex, meeros and vampires are not my thing. i thought maybe i could be a store owner but it kind of looks like the linden lab people give away lot of good stuff and make free games now too. mostly just wander around cool but empty places. the  i find that look really really cool are empty lot of the time which is wierd (clubs are crowded), but then there isn't much to do at these cool places either ... nobody else to interact with. the busy ones are these club places that are sorta like glorified 3d chat rooms. building looks fun not worth it. i know how to do some graphics software like ps but you can get a lot of good stuff for free or one or two lindens. i don't have time to build things for fractions of usd. to do anything really fun or to have any control over anything you need to have your own region an that's like thousands of usd a year and looks pretty hard to make lindens to make it worth it! that's  everybody says homesteads are too laggy and you can't get one of those unless you by the full region.


oh, I see lot people saying there is all this lag everywhere. i don't see any lag ... pretty good actually pretty much everywhere i go. wonder why its different for differnt people




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I had a good time with a friend goofing around there,we did not go to make lindens or try to be the winner of a game.We just simply walked around and checked out the builds.

I  had fun,she had fun..So I can not complain..Plus it dose you no good :) 

The fact is I agreed to a TOSS that informed me that  this is a open project and many changes in viewer,money,traffic rules,land prices and market place is subject to change at any time.It also warns of price value is a risk..

The comments about shops not selling.

 my shops sells,when it is slow I reinvents my products and update and keep a active group (on some brands)

It is  a lot harder now to make a dollar or 500 in SL these days,slow weeks are more then I like..but I never came here  with a dream it all work out and I always make my value,win my rewards and cash out big every month...I was taking a  risk and a gamble the fist 30k add I bought in 2007 to the invesment of a lot of time my RL time.And we all know this is a gamble.

You should go with the "phuck no I am not loosing" state of mind and enjoy your time here with others mixed with work time.That  way when you fail at the profit...you can say  you had fun,networked world wide with new friends and walk away a with something.

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As I understand it, the purpose of these games is two-fold.  

They're supposed to be for the Lab's developers to protype new tools and functions before making them available to us, as Rodvik explained in his keynote speech at SLCC.   As a content creator, I'm very happy with that; I'd love, for example, to be able to make portals that force-tp people between sims on collision or touch without having to use RLV, and, when llTeleportAgent finally becomes available, it will be good to know it's been thoroughly tested.   

They're also supposed to give new residents something to do while they get the hang of using the viewer, a bit like that chap in WoW who apparently sends you off on quests to kill some boar.   To my mind, anything that helps increase the new-user rentention rate is a good thing; as I understand it, lots of people create accounts and then give up, half an hour later, because there's nothing obvious for them to do and they can't figure out how to do anything, anyway.  

And, in the longer term, if someone feels like a bit of first-person-shooter fun, then it's no bad thing if they can enjoy it in an in-world game rather than have to log off and do something else (or go shooting at people in sandboxes, of course).

Speaking as someone who has fun making interactive content, and who makes a bit of money selling it to people who enjoy  various forms of RP, I'm very pleased about the implications of these games.

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I went to the Eldervale portal, and was unable to even move around- the lag was terrible, it took a long time to rez, and I couldn't walk around.  I was on other sims before and afterwards, and did not experience this at all.

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This was supposed to be a premium account feature , as a long term resident ,I have to say i am EXTREMELY disappointed that Linden opened this to Basic accounts, I have been here for 8 years and have to deal with freeloaders , griefers and overcrowding, This was the PERFECT reason to get a premium account , Now Linden realms  has so many people walking around , its no longer fun or worthwhile. This was a good way to get people to go Premium where at least they could get some L$ every week, I really got tired of GIMMIE, GIMMIE GIMMIE,  8 years of it. Now its just back to the same old thing , beg, beg, beg. At least offer a Premium version. Your Premium users deserve a place where they con go without hearing all of the begging.


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Ok to the person that said the creator of The Sims is the same person as the head hancho at Linden Labs need to check their facts.

The creator or maker of The Sims is one Mr. Will Wright and last I checked he is the CEO of The Stupid Fun Club, not Second Life. -_-



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Yeah, I'm in late on this thread - and I agree that this is yet another white elephant. Will anybody at Linden Labs care about my opinion? No. Is what they've created no different from the kind of "campers for traffic get paid to spend time on a sim" that they claim to abhor? No. I spent over U$6000 in Second Life last year. I've reduced my commitment to about U$2500 this year specifically in response to changes in their business model. If they continue to change for the worse, and my own needs are not met, I will indeed leave and not look back.

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I am not getting into the whole what LL is and isn't doing since it's not going to change anything.  at this moment in time I am laughing since they bring out this new "game" and when you go to the screen clicking the "join" button fine lets you create a new account etc etc BUT:

I'm already a member, so naturally I click the "log in here" part and what happens NOTHING!, ZIP!, NOT A SAUSAGE.  So hmmm is this just another ploy like most companies that are only interested in gaining "new" customers, or maybe just maybe they ought to make it so their current customers can play.

Not that I will probably spend much time playing it, I just wanted to see, but yea another failure in public relations.

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This wont bring anyone new to SL. It will just divert people from resident content creators. You know, the ones who pay for sims and such.


It's simple LL. Make the platform, we'll make the games. Well, someone other then me since i sold all my sims in disgust at your complete lack of vision a while ago.

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Off the subject, but true :


At $195 a month for Mainland and $295 a month for an Estate this is a rich persons game and will always be that.


On the other hand, isn't SL an open source program? So everyone who hates it so much could just make their own game and leave the Linden Labs behind, right?

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Hhhmmm...is a game and seems to equate itself to nothing more then a camping scheme all that LL is been working on when there are so many other issues that need to be solved?  Shame, shame, shame on you LL.  While I don't mind that you use my monthly tier to try to keep SL afloat, I think SL is predominantly filled with Adults.  I suppose this must be your latest draw to try to entice new members, but in doing so, you continue to seek to kill off of those that have been paying your bills for years. I have not seen this game nor do I intend to.  I don't have enough time as it is to create my world as I enjoy now, let alone play some sort of camping game to earn Ls.

Why not invest in some new building tools for you customers? Why not go back and start supplementing those that teach building skills and other creative venues that are doing the work for you? Lower your prices on monthly tier and land sales?  Why not increase the prim limit per sim?  What about fixing the lag issue? How about creating a viewer that is both user friendly and builder friendly? Or, better yet, why not give us a choice of viewers?  I am sure you can style V3 that is similar to V1.2.3 for those of us that build. 



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Is there *anyone* here who thinks the subject of this blog thread is a good idea? Even in Linden Labs? I have to wonder...

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"Is there *anyone* here who thinks the subject of this blog thread is a good idea? Even in Linden Labs? I have to wonder..."


Actually, having read pretty much all the comments, I'm still having a really hard time understanding how this is a bad idea... I'm sure it is a bad idea as popular consensus is the cornerstone of democracy and as such, I must be missing something. I'm sure its something to do with the ways that the objections are being expressed, but I just can't see it..


However, here is my thinking. By laying it bare, I'm hoping someone will have the good sense and eloquence to put me right


From a content creation perspective, it seems to me it can only be a good thing that LL are involving themselves in the in-world experience so as to better understand what sort of problems content creators have and what sort of tools would really benefit them? That the 'game' is cartoonish and generic surely serves the function to a) introduce new users to the SL platform and b) avoids creating some new killer environment that directly competes with what's already out there.  It also gives you a preview of the various new features currently in the pipeline?


Looking forward to some assistance here as I really can't see the bad in this...

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Tried it. Took forever to rezz.  I did find the cave.  Wanted to give it another try and the portal would not rezz.  I will not be back.

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Useful quests would be nice.  The current ones only seem to emphasize the repetive nature of the gameplay.  At the very least, you could attempt to disguise the repetitive nature of the quest by... I don't know... a story that's more immersive than "I need you to help me because I make things and they blow up."

Also, for the new user's sake-- You may want to add in a popup that explains to you that you cannot talk to the NPCs.  When what's her face originally asked me for help-- I didn't realize I automatically got the quest.  Instead, in local, I said "What do you need me to do?" and stood there for 5 minutes like an idiot waiting for some sort of response.

Linden Realms has potential, but at the moment, it seems a bit underdeveloped and I don't know why it was decided to be released to the public yet.  Also, this is SecondLife.  There are other people in the world around you.  It would be nice if your friends could do something to help you or you could trade crystals or whatever-- just add some sort of player-player interaction.  Actually-- it'd be nice if you could respond to monsters with something besides running away.

Continuing with the "this is SecondLife" train of thought.  Perhaps instead of trading crystals in for L$1/50 crystals-- you could add a crafting functionality where players could discover crystal combinations and recieve some sort of LR themed item.  I'm not saying that you need to make new stuff to give out-- at least not right away-- maybe the craftable items could just be things that are already in the LR sims, such as unscripted versions of crystals, those jars with the glowy things, little rock monsters that users could decorate their homes with.


And um, the popup that tells you that you earned lindens is broken.  I get a weird discolored box where I assume the amount of money I've earned is supposed to be.

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More directions when you first start playing would be nice...No impossible quests would be nice too....How do you get past the Shattered Cave Quest? Directions is a must....introduction to how to play the game...i.e. HOW you get the crystals...such as what you need to do when you find one...the ability to get past a quest that you can't complete and/or the option to skip it all together....I agree with Suboki Paine....more story line explaining things and offering help would be a big help....

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Well the plot thickens... or at least the sludge that LL continues to aimlessly plod through. I saw the new secondlife.com welcome screen and although cute, it sure devates as far from resident content as possible. It may say "Your World, Your Imagination" but the images are all from Linden content including over-hyping their in-house "Linden Realms." On top of that, the webpage looks like it was made in 1996 and targeting tweens (thats the 10 - 14 year olds in case you needed to know)! At least the previous welcome screen had some great short videos that showcased the rich diversity made possible by residents in Second Life. If I were a new user looking at this and over the age of 16, I would not have any interest in it. In fact, if this is what I saw 4 years ago when I joined because of a college class I was taking, I would have questioned my professor's maturity and probably asked to be re-assigned to a different course.

One other comment I have to make is agreeing with some about the "pay to play" and semi-style camping for lindens that this game encourages. On the one hand it seems to counter what the Lindens have been strongly ridding the grid of for years. On the other hand, with so few ways to make lindens in-world these days it may be the only way left for free account holders to earn anything. At least it will help the linden exchange metrics though; any bets on how much it boosts the Economic Participants or L$ Supply statistic? 

Lindens, I hope you are reading all these comments and LISTENING to what is being said. We are about to start 2012; time to grow up and become competitive in today's sophisticated virtual world. This ain't your daddy's SIMs game!

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i miss the old sl... (2007 and part 2010)... i really really hate all this, just see, the people online is down and down... i hate the new marketplace, i hate the viewer 2.0 and up, and they forced us to use all these crap.

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