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Embark on a Quest in Linden Realms: Collect Crystals, Earn Linden Dollars and Have a Blast!

Linden Lab


We're excited to introduce Linden Realms, where Residents can dive directly into exploring the towers, caves and valleys of the Lab's first-ever game prototype. Dodge rock monsters and fierce fireballs as you cross deadly, toxic rivers to complete quests and cash in your crystals for Linden Dollars. And that's just the beginning...

Quests take you through the basics of game-play in Second Life while you earn Linden Dollars. You’ll start at Basecamp on Tyrah’s Island, where you’ll have your pick of exciting destinations to choose from!


  • Sunspire — Investigate a tower of experiments in teleportation and astronomy.
  • Shattered Cavern — Go deep into an intricate system of caves that snake down under a small mountain.
  • Devil's Canyon — Brave a  dangerous valley of fire and rock monsters, where the courageous are rewarded.
  • Whisper Hollow — Hike through a forest full of secrets and obstacles.
  • Banshee Peak — Soar above it all at the northernmost point of the island and admire the view of Whisper Hollow.
  • Tyrah's Peak — Scale the snowy peak overlooking the center of the island and the Basecamp.
  • Dark Moon Bay — Explore this southernmost point of the island, where Tyrah wrecked her ship and hopes to eventually escape.

Our teams dove deep into the inworld creation process during development, and are eager to share some improved tools that came out of this effort. Residents will soon be able to use those tools to create even richer original experiences in Second Life.


Dive in, explore — and experience the wonder of Linden Realms!

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I like this game very much. I played it for hours and had a blast. But I had some problems getting started. The HUD did not load for me and other residents, but LR Linden fixed it. I can´t wait to use the new features for my own games, especially the automatically loading HUD could be very useful.

I think LL is on the right path, when they support game development inside Second Life. I just hope, the Lindens don´t try to compete with the resident content creators, because that would be the end of Second Life.

I know that there are many new features comming up and I am very excited to use them. Just one problem bothers me and that is the rather high price for land, which will make it very difficult for residents to build games like Linden Realms. Maybe there could be a special discount for popular gaming sims or even a special high end sim so lag won´t be a problem.

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LR is neat start. The most fun thing about it was ofcourse figuring out how to cheat. I made a gun to shoot rock monsters. Also made a gadget to speed collect money crystals. But only cheated about 100L.

Not sure if it is good idea to give money. Sure money is good thing for new people, but i think there should be more layers of security preventing people from cheating. Or atleast preventing ppl to cheat too much money.

Back in the days people made separate bot clients just for camping chairs. With LR you can collect money lot faster than with camping. i was able to collect money crystal every 2 seconds with just LSL. Separate bot client could do it even faster than that. Not to forget how fast it can be with several bots in every LR continent.

Still long road ahead to make SL decent gaming platform. Prolly one of the most tricky things will be to make it possible to take controls of more keyboard and mouse buttons. Very needed for many games. Forced TP and forced attach miss their sister: forced sit.

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thats great! i wanted to have a look at the possibilities of what the new creation tools are gonna allow us to do.

thank you for taking your time to polish it and and give us an idea of what we can accomplish!

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Last I checked, no one was required to be here. I just wish those that do not want to be here would go away. Better yet, we all know actions talk and BS walks. Lets see the critics do better, or even the same! LoL

If DJ's in SL are guilty of a crime, then guess what? DJ's in sl are guilty of a crime! Why is that LL fault?

Just like real life. Idiots want everyone else to bail them out of their bad decisions!

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It is not just about a DJ infringing copyright, because it is easy and widespread SL could be shut down the same way a bittorrent search engine can be shut down, because it harbors said copyright infringers.

Currently, Copyright Law gives a lot of power to the industries that create the copyrighted material. Protect IP gives them not only an insane amount of power, but involves the government blocking websites by DNS, redirecting the URL to a Department of Justice takedown notice page, potentially damaging the core of the internet and also leaving the copyright infringer all but hanging on a tree limb with a noose on his or her neck, just because they linked a copyrighted song on their silly little stupid "Hi world I exist!" web site.

See: Youtube Takedown Policy, which has often removed videos for "copyright violations" and suspended entire user accounts because a search bot found a match on a song playing on someone's CD player in the background at a party and flagged the video. Unfortunately for people who get hit with Protect IP, it also gives the power to lock out your bank accounts and cancel your internet service in addition, leaving you without any financial standing to go to court and win a case. That's the kind of power that will be granted to the industry and government if Protect IP passes.

That said, Linden Realms is an interesting idea, and while I can say a lot of these features are used on the dark side of SL with additional software, some features are quite useful. User teleporting for one, would work great with the Stargate Network. No more clicking to get a map location, just walk thru the portal.

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Still has problems and bugs. Some crystal rezz inside of other objects making it impossible to pickup. would be nice to pick up with a touch and a distance limit of a couple meters to keep people from just sitting in one place. Over time more and more crystals will not be able to be picked up unless they are physically deleted by a Linden. It still needs a little more work.

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I did not post in the forums from so long time ago. It's amazing to see that for so many people LLs are always wrong, no matter what they do. I suspect that should they give free l$ out some would complain that Ls have to be gained by hard work. My two cents anyway: some people are creative and skilled enough to create fun for themselves and others, some aren't. I, for one, always thought that SL should supply some kind of gameplay for those that don't have the time or the will or the ability to give themselves an aim, and I appreciate that they are doing something in this direction. Like everything else in SL it is not mandatory to play these games  (and actually I didn't 'til now and don't know if i will). After this if this will carry us new tools, well it sounds great to me.

But please let's complain, it's the way the things are built isn't it?


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While the scenery might be a bit cartoon style, what is a matter of taste, people should only look at the possibilities. Some Game-engine makers are very poor in make demos for a great engine but they focus on the tools and technique not the look.

It is great to add new features but never forget to fix old old bugs !

Could Lindens please give a deeper inside whats the new functions and features so interested people can start planning. Not exact how to write code but to have an idea what will come.


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I would love to try the quest but I can not navigate to the inital start point to actually get started. I love games in SL IAL was a stellar FPS [with lag to make it interesting] Every single person who spent any time on the IAL sims pines for their return. There were no linden dollars to chase but we had one heck of a time making our goal to have Central Park Green Rez Circle at Midnight.. I would have voice off in the Quest areas as SOP. 

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Another shiney thing.

Have you ever asked what people really want?

I'll bet sorting out ancient bugs is one of them.

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Well done, Linden!

I found one of the portals in the premium sandboxes a few weeks ago and enjoied the game and I still do!

It's a funny way to earn some L$ for the newbies and a nice little game for the old ones.

You say it looks childish or basic?

Well, I think Linden want to show us, what will be possible in the next weeks/ months and it's our turn to create diffrent games with amazing graphics and use this tools in a diffrent way.


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Thanks LL, looks interesting and like something fun to check out.


As far as all negative posters - sod off, you guys sound like a bunch of  nagging old women. Constantly griping about anything and everything.

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Sure are a lot of whiners on the blog. LL wanted a way to test and show off some new scripting commands, so they made a free little game. Deal with it or quit I say.

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The game is really great except that ............ the hud is gone

The hud is gone, many people have not more the hud ! despite repeated restart of game. Can you fix the hud please ?

Le hud a disparu, plusieurs personnes se plaignent de ne plus recevoir le hud malgrès les multiples tentatives de redemarage du jeu. Pouvez vous reparez le hud svp ?


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Great marketing, LL. I am a premium member who logs in every single day and I've never heard about your game until now. I check my dashboard everyday also, but still never heard about it. None of your otherwise useless e-mails I've received have mentioned it. But now that I have stumbled upon it, I'll promptly forget about it. (Didn't LL hire a marketing manager some time back? Did she get fired? Appears so, the marketing has been turned back over to the unpaid interns.) 

As for the new CEO, he's slowly proving to be another loser with first his inane idea for a viewer with Basic/Advanced modes and now this idiocy. Where are all fixes for the basics we were promised instead of attempts to placate the little children with pablum like this?

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Ok, I haven't been to the sim(s) to check this out yet but it is a good idea what LL has done with this game thing. After viewing the pics in this blog possibly they are gearing this mini game towards 12 year old girls who will eventually become interested and older and may hang around long enough to become a premium member at some point, fattening LL's pockets in the future. Older users die off and fresh blood is needed to fill the gaps.

 I think it is a good idea to give the residents a sampling of what is to come and.... we all know that when us residents twist their evil genious minds with new tweeks and functions that they will create a world far supierior to the sample game created by LL's to demonstrate these new functions.

 Now what I really want is to be able to REPROGRAM THE ENTIRE KEYBOARD for greater usability in controlling the avatar. If something like this already exists then please direct me to it as I can't find anything on the subject at all.


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My, how many posts there are telling anyone who complains that perhaps LL should be spending more time FIXING ANCIENT BUGS instead of creating shiny new toys that they should just leave or sit down and shut up.  So the cheerleaders get their say, but we don't?  I love SL, and its partly for that reason that I hate to see what its coming to.  Frustrating bugs that never get fixed while they work on making it yet another social networking site.  If anyone is to leave, perhaps it should be some of the folks less tolerant to other viewpoints than their own.

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I found this quite by accident while it was still only for premium accounts. The idea of making Lindens is what drew me. I spent at least a couple of hours there. Some of the challenges are not easy to get through...at least not for me because my avatar could not run fast enough and kept getting killed and had to start over. I finally made it through all the challenges and got paid. 3L! Are you serious????? I was not happy as I could have spent my time doing other things and made a lot more. I am not likely to spend time there again. It doesn't pay enough.


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I'm old by SL standards, not ancient, but old. I'm over 1500 days and have seen some good changes. I liked sculpties and enjoy an environment that isn't cluttered by pose balls. Some of the changes have been very good. 

Since the merge with the Teen Grid, however, I see a lot of changes to accomodate youths. Nice for the youths. I dont think LL has a very robust age verification system, however, and I meet people every day that are in mature and adult sims who are obviously too young. I hope this idea is a way of tempting the kids away from mature sims, but I don't think it is, tbh. I think it's a step toward homogenising the sims into teen safe places.

If it is my days will be numbered inworld. I don't want a "game" I want an environment. So far it's been a great environment for me. I feel the winds changing, though. It's interesting that the userbase is increasing but the inworld session time is decreasing. It's interesting, too, that sims are empty more often than full. People who do come inworld are hiding on private land...choosing their friends carefully and avoiding the public sims more and more. It is isolating and it's limiting the experience I found when I first came inworld and I think it's a direct result of the Teen Grid merger.


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I doubt I could play this little game because if the lag is anything like Linden homes, I wouldn't be able to move.


" It's interesting that the userbase is increasing but the inworld session time is decreasing. It's interesting, too, that sims are empty more often than full. People who do come inworld are hiding on private land...choosing their friends carefully and avoiding the public sims more and more. It is isolating and it's limiting the experience I found when I first came inworld and I think it's a direct result of the Teen Grid merger."

You're absolutely right...AND the IP harvesting the lindens allowed for a year before taking action...and now other devices are in world doing the same thing. Sorry to disappoint the cheerleaders but some IPs DO In fact lead to the precise location of the user. And just WHY is it OK for people even to see my general location like country or city? That is an outright theft of my RL Information that even Rodvick should disagree with in a game like SL. The difference is I don't mind a company like LL having it, but anyone with a brain should protest total strangers unaffiliated with LL to have your information..people like the creators of CDS, Voodoo, etc..and yes Zfire Xue!! IN short..the trust is gone..

Fix the grid, stop data mining, fix ancient bugs, and stop with the shinies until that's fixed. (The truth is that it can't be fixed.) The exodus has been underway from the Linden caused Redzone fiasco, the famous 66% bait and switch price hike which is why many favorite places of old have disappeared, millions spent on a new laggy and horrible and unintuitive V2 (that we didn't need) when Viewer 1 interface was what people loved and knew how to use well (I picked it up immediately and came to love it quickly) not because it was familiar, but because it was better!, IP Harvesting, Teens allowed on the main grid, lag increasing due to mesh and other toys like "lag on a prim," impossible sim crossings for vehicles, display names, voice morphing (Are you KIDDING me??), web profiles and web search and social media link violations of privacy that virtually nobody wanted......the list goes on..

Yes this is why sims are empty and people are remaining on their own little parcels staring at the screen if they log in at all. LL watches older residents leaving in droves because their concerns have been totally ignored for years now, but they don't even care. "They're not listening still...perhaps they never will."

To the cheerleaders: If we didn't love SL and care about the direction it's taken, we wouldn't care enough to be here on this blog. If CUSTOMERS (which is what we are) go long enough being ignored, people tend to get a bit irate.

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I'm not much into this kind of game, but I really enjoyed this one. Yeah, it's a bit "young," but like game franchises like Mario and Sonic, the "young-ness" broadens the appeal of the game.

There was almost no one there when I was there, and the sims weren't laggy at all. So anyone saying the sims are laggy needs to check their attachments for scripts!!

And who can complain about a game that *pays you Linden dollars* to play?

I don't see this as competition with existing role-play sims/estates. I think this will be a way of drawing new users into role-play - new users who will try this out and then look for something similar that's more their thing.

I say "Thank You" to Linden Labs for putting this together. It's fun, it runs well, and it creates a foundation for other projects. Can't wait to see what they have planned next!


ETA: My original avatar is more than four years old. I understand what people are saying about "why is LL creating shiny new toys and not fixing long-standing problems that we've been asking them to fix for years." I agree, there are a lot of ways SL could run more smoothly. I'm also not crazy about a lot of the changes LL has made (why on earth did they shut down Avatars United and stick us with those awful web profiles???). But just like everything else online, Second Life is evolving. Search engines, news sites, blogs, and social media all evolve - that's the nature of the beast. Same with SL.

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Well, now that it's open to those of us in the "great unwashed masses", I sent one of my alts in to have a look. She finished every quest in a few hours, and earned a whopping L$ 83 for her efforts. (Linden Lab : "Hey kid, thanks for play-testing it for a few hours for us, have a shiny new quarter for your efforts. Now scram.")

I quickly found that the three keys to survival were "Timing is everything", "Always Run" and "Remember to jump!". You'll never evade the rock monsters if you don't run, and if you time jumps right, you can jump right over the rock monsters, or use the jump to get away faster. It's also almost impossible to get through the cave or past the fireballs unless you carefully time your short dashes from point to point.

I had to switch to the Castle Valeria portal to get a functioning HUD. The first portal, I tried three times, and it never attached a HUD for me.

The "verbal cues" and quest assignments that show up as chat toasts were pretty easy to miss. I had to check the HUD or the chat history to see that my mission had actually been accomplished, and what the next mission was.

The data for the HUD is apparently stored server-side, by avatar ID, so if you leave, detach the HUD, and get a new HUD later, it's supposed to remember where you were when you left off. But there's also apparently no way to reset the HUD status, so for a given avatar you can only play each quest once.

I want to know when they will tell us the LSL functions to do the forced teleports and the forced HUD attach/detach trick, as well as how they linked the forced HUD to a database for status.

As far as the game itself goes, it would have fascinated my daughter when she was about ten years old. She watched me play over my shoulder, and at 15, she didn't find it particularly interesting.

Personally, it was okay, but I doubt I would bother playing it a second time.

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Well, I think it is cool to see some more games attempted in SL.  Maybe it will get LL to notice the very serious limitations we residents and builders and scripters have had to deal with all these years.  But I am not here principally to play games but to build, script, and meet with people for fun, romance and business.  

I first signed on way back in 2004 but didn't really "get it" until some years later.  It bothers me a great deal that we have piss ant limitations like only 10m prims with any really control.  Why not at least looosen this to 50m if not 256m?  It would make a HUGE difference to builders.  It would take LL less than a day to implement.  It has been asked for many many times but never arrives.  I can assure you that these days when I have a good build idea I want to play with I go to Opensim where no stupid nanny is forcing me to all kinds of ugly hacks to build what I want the size I want.  

I was at a nice in world wedding the other day on a private full region sim.  There were only 16 of us attending.  Yet I got lagged so bad I crashed and most of the guests did not dare move and have of them were grayed out on in appearance change crucifix pose.  There is no conceivable excuse for such remarkably awful performance after all these years.  Fix that or be ignored.  

Increasingly I have no idea why I am paying nearly $300/month for my own region.  It performs worse than an opensim region I used to run on a an Amazon cloud small instance.  There are no people hardly any more in the area or the adjacent regions.  No one hardly can even be enticed by free land to build something cool on the space.  

A couple of years ago I could log on most anytime and find at least a half dozen friends in world.  It was more a matter then of whether to mark myself as not to be interrupted.  Today there is often no one else on or maybe one other person.  I know longer have to worry about fielding IMs when busy.  It is relatively a ghost town.   

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Remember when:

* SL was "Your World, Your Imagination?"

* Businesses used to sell things in-world?

* You bought or rented land to set up your own home?

* Gambling?

* Tipping residents for good service like DJs and Hosts?

* Unhidden and accessable content?

* Adults?

* No lag?

* A viewer people liked?

* The occasional restart vs. daily or more often?

*And last but not least, SL not being a game?


I think most would agree progress and innovation are good for business but watching SL just become another company-built game is sad. On top of that, it seems the new server updates are already causing havoc with exhisting scripts and content. If this LL game was a testing platform for better things it certainly seems to be causing a regression like so many other "improvements" over the last two years. Put together with the viewer 3 issues and I am not suprised about the decline in overall user hours during a quarter that normally reports a significant increase after the summer slowdown. We will see how it all affects SL as a whole but my opinion is that LL could have used their limited resources and man-hours on other things much higher on the priority list.

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