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1. What is a Simboard?

A Simboard is a mix snowboarding, skateboarding, and hoverboarding, with a sci-fi twist. The FS model lets you customize nearly anything on it, with engine settings to change physics as you see fit. The CS Simboard is designed specially for SimBall, a sci-fi game concept of a high contact sport on Simboards with weapons. Thus “CS” model, or the Combat Simboard. The rules are simple. Grab the ball and score it for your team! Avoid opponents weapons and pegs. The game strategy comes from board types, and mixing board types to work together.

2. How can someone get started to play?

There is a free basic CS board available at Vetox HQ or at many affiliate vendors near public arena's around Second Life. These allow anyone to play in the arenas. Paid-for boards will have special powers and/or weapons depending on the type bought.

3. Are there advanced tricks that one can do once they get comfortable on a Simboard?

Yes. Simboards have an open control system. This means you can mix any set of keys, up to about four at once, and get a result that changes how the board reacts. Typically the best way to think of it is that holding the E or C keys (Page up and Page down) will change the primary control which are WSAD to a new actions. Turning left or right becomes spins or rolls for example. These effects are instant and only active while holding the E or C keys down, which allows for fast action and reactions. There are also weapons, or powers, in the CS model that are active only during an arena game. By pressing Page up and Page down at the same time. These weapons are usually AOE (area of effect.) And anyone nearby will be affected.

4. What locations do you recommend for the best simboarding?

For Simball, there are new arenas that pop up every week. There are too many to keep track of at the moment! However, there is a list of recent games at this global log here. Note that this feed may soon change over to our website at www.Vetox.biz. Also, some locations can be found on all arena servers in the pop-out community panel. Currently SIA is one of the top arena's ran by SLTV in the Japanese community, run by mato Jetcity. There are also the JBall tournaments. There is also a small example arena located above the Vetox HQ store. There is a Simball Network panel located there as well. The Vetox HQ is at this location. I do not own a Sim – rather, we let the community build arenas as they see fit on land they own – another reason to own land?) :) – and then network their games to the global log. Soon there will be a list of top used arenas which we will feed back to all game servers inworld.
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