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Best of Halloween Host: Sinatra Cartier

Linden Lab



It was Halloween, Mildred's favorite holiday. “Halloween is the day I was born,” she would say. “Mother found me in the Great Pumpkin Patch. That is why I am who I am and I needn't say more.”

Most of the townsfolk wanted to believe the brooding, dark little child was a Halloween baby. It did help explain things. Things whispered about. Things that Mildred was understood to have done. Things that would soon become more and more troubling... even dangerous!


Free pumpkins at the Great Pumpkin Patch and Haunted House

Every October, Tarot Fate's Amusements would come to town. Mildred absolutely HAD to go!  “Mother, father, it's time to visit the spirits,” she would pronounce each Hallow’s Eve.

Mildred's favorite attraction was the Spook House Ride. This year something very strange happened. Mother, father and Mildred entered the spook house — but only Mildred came out!

Sinatra's Spook House Ride

Alone and oddly undisturbed by the loss of her parents, Mildred consulted a Spirit Cabinet. “It is time Mildred, time for you to meet your maker,” the spooky spirit voice from the cabinet moaned.

All of the sudden, with a whiz-bang and a handy landmark, Mildred was transported to the dreary forest of Darkness Falls. “What a lovely forest,” Mildred thought. “That cabin sure looks cozy — I feel strangely drawn to it, and suddenly very sleepy.”  

Darkness Falls, Bentham Hollow

Upon entering the cabin, Mildred instantly fell to the floor in a heap and went slippy-sliding into a deep, dreamy sleep! When she awoke she was in a tiny room, and every wall of that room was covered in beautiful party dresses.


“These dresses look so familiar,” thought Mildred. “I must try one on.” But just as she reached for a dress, a giant door appeared in the wall and swung open!  


“ENTER,” chimed a group of  Wicked Eyeballs. “It's time for you to meet your maker!”
Mildred, without hesitation, stepped right into the room and said calmly, “Show me.”amG9uV2LYvX1S2lybjsqCe6Rt4drp8C37LAQGGb8O1geEQkDhCVUTAP8ZXPop48ciFN28diY3L5ycaJUtnYClJBmPvwuxIk6QjsB-YtDYEoagvdJ6A8WgOcwQZAWcwsVHz0czX4aF-q-K9M7GD3yM15v-raY1dwY8ZE7bnjCLmhGSGGsHhMKMw7RJYfvQtHRke-tltLdfk_sp2qF0nldxFLfmnGttC_dPx3GIUKsYMcSxjVWe1AOIJi6N8SQmLfmjcx2keDZBPR3cn4m4vF_33xihXLDlVtAjDKBFZY3VZV5qasCWmM6XCFj9_8TeUDjt9Mojap3Aj3Lx59gFvSIV4pLE
Happy Halloween!

The End. 1tBxlIon4ESdGJHzzAIxP3gGSXSx9dMfXKl_pD-Hn05FXfH58LTG94jOXjgfIeLWh2PBDibxR7TkadLCBiDgzzwGQSMpSFymF_oM_BMIXZhPIUEr3Kw



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Hello Cherub, thanks for the super kind words!  I created the story for this post.  The combination of SL and Halloween inspires me ;) and folks like you make Second Life worth living !  HUGS :-)

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A great use of pictures in establishing a story line. A very engaging tale and great for Hallowe'en. Well done. :)

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