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Name Changes Contest is Upon Us!

Linden Lab


Sharpen your quill! Get your wits about you! We are happy to declare the Last Names contest is officially open.  What contest, you say? What name changes? 

We will make Name Changes available to Premium account holders in early 2020.  It will be possible to change First Name, Last Name, or both. There will be a one-time fee per Name Change. Just like in the olden times, First Name will be freeform, Last Name will be from a list - and here is where this contest comes in: we want your help coming up with the first batch of Last Names! 

Send us your best ideas. BoatyMcBoatface* is not gonna suggest itself.   

Three submissions per entry. No reusing of old names. From all of the suggestions, we’ll pick five (5), and those five lucky Residents will be able to change their names completely free of charge (or designate another account for the name change)! You will not need to be Premium to participate or to win. The contest will run December 16 through January 15th, and participation details will be announced shortly. 

All previous last names can be searched through in this wiki. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

All the Rules, Terms and Conditions

but please don’t suggest it. We get it. :)

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