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Best of Halloween Hosts: Vitabela Dubrovna and Petra Messioptra

Linden Lab



Halloween Love Story

Halloween season is the best time of year to use all the abilities that Second Life offers Residents. Some Halloween looks you can create literally with one click, wearing creepy makeup — or simply attaching a pumpkin on the head! This time, we prepared more elaborate looks and we draw you into our romantic yet melancholy —and little bit scary — Halloween Love Story.

Please enjoy these amazing couples!

blog 1.jpg
For the above image, the skeleton avatars (male and female) are from Vita's Boudoir.

blog 2.jpg
The gentleman pictured above is wearing a Sleepy Hollow avatar from Little Britain Designs and the lady is a Headless Queen avatar from Vita's Boudoir.

blog 3.jpg
In this image (above), the gentleman is wearing skin and claws from Little Britain Designs, while the hat is from Akeyo. His fedora and outfit come from Gizza’s Fusion Chic collection. The lady is wearing Dream Ink skin, hair from booN and the outfit Batterflies Hero is from Vita's Boudoir.

blog 4.jpg

In the above image, the lovely lady wears Gio skin from Glam Affair, hair (Brigitte) by LeLutka and an “I'll Die for You” outfit from Vita's Boudoir. The “partner” comes with the outfit!

blog 5.jpg
Here we see a “skinless” man who is actually wearing Nomine skin (Raw skin male), with hair by  Shag (Rise), distressed leather pants from The Abyss and Mullingar boots by Hoorenbeek. The snake woman is wearing skin by Glam Affair (Gio) with Snake Queen outfit from Vita's Boudoir and claws by La Malvada Mujer.

All Poses by Del May. Editorial is taken at "The Looking Glass" sim.

We hope you found some great dress-up ideas for Halloween! For this showcase, pictures and styling was made by Petra Messioptra. Concept and idea by Vitabela Dubrovna and Petra Messioptra.  Happy Halloween to all!

About the Authors: Vitabela Dubrovna and Petra Messioptra collaborate on the fashion blog http://vitabela-vitabela.blogspot.com. This blog is platform where many talented designers, photographers and artists (Precious Restless,Petra Messioptra, urikoH Blinker, Mo Miasma,Cole Marie Soleil and Eshi Otawara) post about wide range of themes linked with Second Life — but mostly about fashion.


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