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Lab Gab Episode 8 Streams this Wednesday at 3 pm PT/SLT - Let it Snow!

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Linden Lab


The final month of the year is upon us. A time to reflect on the year behind us, and the one in front of us. It’s not unusual to see the rest of the year gone in the blink of an eye - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season!

In some parts of the world, this time of year is Summer, with sunshine and warm temperatures, but in other parts of the world, the snow has come on in full force, and the only thing rising is people’s heating bill - but in Second Life - you can enjoy the snow without the extra expense. 

Last time on Lab Gab, we barely touched the surface of the virtual avalanche of winter-themed attractions in the Destination Guide. This week, we’re back for more!

Xiola & Strawberry have ransacked their inventories looking for warm outfits, and are all set to explore a few more incredible spots on the Grid. Grab your hot cocoa, throw on a warm blankie, and get ready to go dashing through the snow.

We’ll be going live at 3 pm (PT/SLT) this Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.


Tune in to our Official YouTube Channel (or check us out on our new Mixer channel or Facebook Live! Via our Official Facebook page) to watch on Wednesday!

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