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Destinations Video: Tis the Season

Linden Lab


It was literally this morning that I found out this fun fact: Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song - called One Horse Open Sleigh. Guess it didn’t catch on so much - and evolved into the tune we all know today as an anthem for the winter holidays.

While we are just heading into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, all over the Grid, Second Life has started to look like a twinkling wonderland - with snow, sleighs, and fairy lights galore. 

This week’s destination video highlights one such spot - Moochies - Tis the Season. A gorgeous and cozy spot to ease you into the holiday spirit, Moochies is vibrant and bright. Be sure to wrap yourself in a warm winter coat and pay it a visit. Be sure to take a ride on the no horse open sleigh as well!


For more  Destination videos, check out our Destination Video channel on our official YouTube Channel.

Video production courtesy of Draxtor Despres

P.S. Need more reason to get into the spirit of things? Why not take a few minutes to grab your free gifts from the Winter Swaginator Hunt going on right now. Here’s a quick How-To that will make it a snap. It’s fun with friends!

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