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Web User Group Notes

Linden Lab



Here’s a shortlist of some of the features that the web team has been working on in the last month, we covered these in our web user group yesterday:

  • Profiles Feed for the Legacy Profiles Project Viewer (forthcoming)

  • Events cleanup to prepare the way for a much more extensive Events overhaul (stay tuned)

  • A number of Marketplace fixes and features:

    • Related items list shows old items again

    • Error fixing 

      • Page doesn’t exist when trying to open buy now in new tab

      • Store manager unable to load item listing folder

      • Store creation errors (various)

      • Localization

  • Product alert notifications inworld (opt-in)

  • Place your order button to the top of the checkout/continue page for 0L$ items (no need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for 0L$ items any longer)

  • Updates to lindenlab.com (facelift, check it out!)

  • We have disabled resident-to-resident auctions

    • We need to go back to the drawing board with these to make them more robust and truly usable for our community, stay tuned!

  • The Contact Info page on your accounts dashboard has been removed to add in more protection in the case that someone has their account maliciously taken over.

  • Viewer splash page updates

    • Localization

    • Current SLT on the front page

    • Second Life Blogger Network feed

  • Backend work to install more security software across our web properties to ensure everyone’s online health and safety. You’re welcome!

Ongoing work on Events, Name Changes, and Premium Plus - stay tuned for more information on these big-ticket items as we have it!

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