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Making Strides to Improve our Customer Support Services

Vogt Linden


As we mentioned in our last blog post,  the Customer Support team continues to drive a series of changes to the  way in which Linden Lab delivers support to our Resident community.  We  are examining our support offering from top to bottom, using the data  from our new support system, your survey data, blog feedback, and  industry standard practices to help shape our approach.

Some  of our changes will be apparent to you, like the look and feel of the  new case and live chat systems and our coming self-service tools. Others  will be structural and won't be immediately apparent, like our internal  support tools, but their benefits will reveal themselves over time as  they enable us to address your issues more quickly.

As we approach these changes, we have a number of high-level goals in mind:

  • Leverage industry best practices, and our own hard-earned lessons, to create a comprehensive customer service offering.
  • Respond to high-urgency, business-critical requests more quickly.
  • Better address product and service issues before they become a support interaction.
  • Provide all Residents with better self-service tools to help solve issues immediately.
Changes to Support for Basic Residents

As  part of these changes, we are examining the types of support we offer  Residents of all levels, in an effort to provide better, more responsive  service to the most business-critical issues.  Starting on Wednesday,  October 13th, we will simplify and reduce the types of cases that Basic  Residents can file and direct them to our self-service tools on your account page, or search the Knowledge Base or Second Life Answers for solutions.  As a Basic Resident, you can still file cases about  most account issues, billing issues, marketplace issues, and some  technical issues.

Improving Support for Premium and Concierge Residents

As  we increasingly direct Basic Residents to self-service tools, we are  exploring ways that we can better service and support our Premium and  Concierge Residents.  These Residents –who are often landowners,  merchants, and inworld business owners– will continue to be able to file  the full range of cases, have access support via live chat, and in the  case of Concierge Residents, have access to phone support.  As we begin  to see the impact of the changes we have underway, we expect our  response times across all of these channels to improve.

This  announcement is one of many to come soon as we work hard to provide  faster, more effective customer service. We look forward to hearing your  feedback as these changes roll out.


Recommended Comments

The customers service still AWFULL !!!!!

After 2 month my tickets still without answers.

and now the live chat, it's a shame.


Craig: Hello, Thank you for contacting Linden lab Support. How can i help you today?

I talk with myself, after 20 minutes I still without answer.

I got another guy before that one, a Dick, same thing.

Dick: Hello, Thank you for contacting Linden lab Support. How can i help you today?

I explain, and i got "one Moment please".

And after 20 minutes too nothing !


It's not a Live Chat, it's just a gadget to decorate the help page of LL

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Suggestions/Feedback on the SL marketplace:


1. Make giving feedback easier -such as a button to click under 'help'

2. in Xstreet, had one searched for 'red', then worked their way through the folders to 'Casual Dresses', one could click on the folder link marked "Casual Dresses" and access that folder/page/section without the searched term. In the SL Marketplace, if one wants to view said folder without the search term parameters, one has to go to the 'beginning' (home) again and click through ALL those folders again. Please make it so we don't need to do that!!! I frequently change my mind, or want to broaden my search and I don't want to have to load potentially 10 pages to get to where I was!

3. I do NOT want to have to go through three pages to finally purchase my item! When I click 'buy' I want to BUY it, not be forced to look at more items which are invariably (after three heavy days of using the SL marketplace) of inferior quality and not relevant to what I am buying.

4. I would like for reviews where people have given reviews to be different to reviews where people have selected a star rating. If something has, for example, '6 reviews' I want to read 6 peoples impressions, not see that, actually, no ones written any feedback.

5. I'd LOVE to have an option within the marketplace (as opposed to my bookmarking the page) to add a store/brand/designer to a 'like' or 'follow' list, and therefore easily see when they've updated their store on the SLM!

Otherwise, the marketplace IS good, its just feeling rather clunky!

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I've been ghosted for 5 days now, stuck somewhere (I believe) near the sim border between Auric sim and Blofeld sim on the mainland.  NOW I understand why LL has made no response at all to my current help ticket - not even a courtesy redirect such as "Hey, you're on your own.  We're no longer going to help you since you don't have a Premium account."  What a ridiculous system.  I agree with Mari above that directing users to "self help" pages is NOT going to help those like me who have been ghosted (totally frozen in a sim and unable to login).  Since I can't login at all, I can't contact the Auric sim owner (and don't know who that is anyway) to ask them to please do a sim restart.  If there is a good soul out there reading this, could you *please* ask the Auric sim owner to restart the sim?

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@Innula - agree 100% with your suggestion on LL needing to add a "forcibly log my avatar out" button to the *login* dashboard.  I'm currently ghosted (5 days now), alone & without support.  Would be such a simple solution!

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@Lauren - not sure I understand your point about users already having a "forcibly log my avatar out" button on the Advanced menu, or the benefit of moving that function to Preferences.  Those who are ghosted (such as me, right now) are unable to login at all and thus cannot access the Advanced menu or our Preferences settings at all.  I'm using V2 and can't move beyond the login screen.  Am I missing something?  Thanks for any info...

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When this happened to me, I was instructed to make a alt.. and flood my im box to kick me out of world... when you finally get the response that you are offline, try logging into a area called Aqua.. I have found this to help me a number of times when support wasnt available ... I hope it works for you ... 

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@JubJub @Minet - thanks very much for the suggestions. Finally un-ghosted late today, without explanation.  I belong to lots of groups that routinely send IMs so maybe my IM box was finally flooded enough?  Or maybe the sim in question was finally restarted?  Thanks so much for the tips, and thanks for caring - very kind of you both!

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This Chat Log says it all

Chat Started: 10-27-2010 23:24:28 GMT
Chat Log:
DavidT OnTyne: Hello. My name is DavidT OnTyne. How may I help you?


You: Can you please restart Gowers There is a ghosted avie on the sim


You: The Avi Name is Antigonus Soulstar


You: Hello???


You: this is where the avie is You are at 301110.0, 280319.0, 107.3 in Gowers located at sim20174.agni.lindenlab.com ( Life Server


You: Hello


You: its 1900 at this hello


You: 1907 at this hello


You: 1914 at this Are you there


You: 1943 still waiting hello


You: 2008 still waiting


You: I am so happy that I spen 750 United States Dollors a month in SL and get no service ladeda


You: 2023 now


You: Thanks for your non existant help

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Hi Vogt.

In your last blog post,you said:

New Abuse Appeals Process

One  thing that we updated already,  as part of our new case and chat platform, is the Abuse Appeals  process.  As you will notice if you peruse the case submission form, you  will see that the abuse appeals option has disappeared.  Our new  approach is directly targeted at those affected by disciplinary action.   If your account is suspended or  banned, then secondlife.com will allow you to log in on the affected account and will take you to  a  form designed specifically for creating an appeals case.

Unfortunately, a secondlife.com authentication bug has temporarily disabled this function.  While our   web team works on that issue, we've established a temporary process.   If  you need to file an abuse appeal, please log in to secondlife.com with an alt account.  Then, file a new ticket from http://secondlife.com/support,  selecting "Account Issues" and then "Second Life Web Login Issue."  Be   certain to include any information you believe is relevant to our  re-evaluation of your case. As soon as the new Abuse Appeals process is   reinstated, then we will let you know.

Is fixed the authentication bug yet? Unless banned oneself, it's not possible to check if fixed or not.

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wow, cant be true, that people are logged in but really not inworld, and can't log out, cause someone said Linden trying to keep their number up of people who are logged????  and they submit tickets and said they have to wait till the next update to be logged out.    so they out in the cold?????    It just cant be a numbers game?

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Look at the bright side, a few years ago LL was caught and lost investors for faking the login count. Now they have a fully illegitimate excuse and they're losing players instead.

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I've a friend who paid to have his account reinstated after 'being "murdered",' only to see LL shut it down again. This did not take months, but days.

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I am glad there are changes, personally I liked the older, everytime I filed a ticket, I got response within 48 hours, I am a premium account holder, a sim and a homestead owner, filed a ticket on 11/21 and today I am still waiting for an acknowlegement that someone looked at my problems let alone solving them.  Too bad "my inventory" does not matter to anyone else but me, but it is very sad to see how the quality decreases with the demand.  As I said this is my first bad experience in 4 years and I am hopeful that someone will take pity and repond not only because I am a premium account holder, a sim and homestead owner, but because I filed a ticket 2 weeks ago and really need help. I wish myself luck? lol

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I am glad  there are changes, personally I liked the older, everytime I filed a  ticket, I got response within 48 hours, I am a premium account holder, a  sim and a homestead owner, filed a ticket on 11/21 and today I am still  waiting for an acknowlegement that someone looked at my problems let  alone solving them.  Too bad "my inventory" does not matter to anyone  else but me, but it is very sad to see how the quality decreases with  the demand.  As I said this is my first bad experience in 4 years and I  am hopeful that someone will take pity and repond not only because I am a  premium account holder, a sim and homestead owner, but because I filed a  ticket 2 weeks ago and really need help. I wish myself luck? lol

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I too, am shown as logged in to SL when I'm not My freinds think i am ignoring them, The HELP, or so called Customer Care, should be renamed Customer Don't Care. Sent a fault slip, 4 days ago.. still cannot get looged in and nothing done by the help team.. How long does it take to do a restart?  I'm a premimum customer, Do you think I can get a pro rata refund ???

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I too was stuck in the ghosting avatar loop for over two weeks, attempted to file a support ticket 19th Dec 2010 and found NO appropriate support option so use one of the available option and explained the problem in the desciption and did not receive a single response response until 10th Feb 2011 inviting me to pay for upgraded premium membership... this whole issue is due to a bug in their inter-SIM server protocols and is an account issue as the account is more or less crippled by the bug until the ghosted avater is destroyed. and the phrase "and some technical" is hardley useful! Exactly which technical support issues are included and which are not? because the basic accounts support ticket portal does not list any acceptable technical support topics that are covered! The fact that it took nealy TWO calender months for a support team to even acknowledge the raised ticket existed and only to say oh you need to pay us to get that resolved... is dispicable. That response should have happened within the first 24hours then MAYBE it might have given the impression there was a responsive support team that would have been worth paying for the service of!

As it was back then I was considering cashing in my earned L$ for real money and leaving, but thanks either to a fortunate sim server restart or a helpful user that found my ghost after I had added my comments to some bug reports citing this type of problem, that my account returned to normality again, no thanks to LindenLabs!

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Another option open to LL is they could charge L$ for a decent level of support per incident for basic members, many issues including ghosted avatar account lockouts still allow L$ transactions to take place via web portals. To LL L$ does mean real money at the current exchange rates as they had to have been paid real money for the L$ in the first place and taking those L$ license tokens out of the system means more rl money has to be spent to release more L$ license tokens back into the comunity again.

We should not be penalised just because we do not trust making our payment and personal identity information accessable to a foriegn security service, by giving that information to LL it would by default be available upon request by US federal government agencies... no thanks!

I have same problem with age verification, the amount of personal data they demand would be sufficient for a 3rd party be it criminal or clandestined inteligence service operative to steal my identity and comit criminal acts in my name both here and abroad.

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I think there should be a way for a premium or concierge account holder to link to other accounts that are also owned by the company, or individual.  That way any account can ask for help.  I know in my case- I work for a University and all workers are not allowed unlimited access to the account linked up to the universities credit.  It is very difficult when I cannot file a support ticket and my boss has no time to and I am unable to get the help we need. 

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I'd like to thank LL support, especially Linden agent  JacobT Scout, for expediently reactivating an old account. Within 5 days of opening a case my info was verified and the my old avi reactivated.

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Second Life Support has been a bit of a struggle for many. As well as me and my wife. All frustrations aside, we are dedicated to Sl and the great platform which was developed. We have had many trials and tribulations regarding the lack of support. Although lately, we have had a lot better experience. Fast responses to tickets . Abuse report taken care of in less than 10 mintes. I gotta hand it to LL for the changes and the effort they are brining forth to help not only their business survive as well as help the customer survive. It takes a lot of time and effort to restructure. We do still enjoy this kick ass platform regardless of the hickups and the set backs.

Hats off to the team


:) Psyche Made you look :)
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I believe your customer support is absolutely disgusting if I'm honest. For example:

Camera Spin issue with new viewer I had. I opened a case on 09/02/2010....and wait for it...I had no response until...02/11/11!!!!!!! The case was closed on 04/22/11 after you were unable to resolve the issue. I have tried everything. I refuse to pay out any cash to fix YOUR BUG and all you keep saying is I am a basic member and refer me to SL Answers and Jira.

Firstly, Jira was created for residents to feel productive about bugs and issues they have, whilst you completely ignore them as they are classed as 'Minor' bugs. You wont fix them at all, you'll just keep bringing out new versions until the bug finally fixes itself...Or till the resident gives up and waves goodbye SL.

A jira file was opened on 02/05/2007 about this issue and to date, not assigned, unresolved and awaiting response.

What pee's me off more than anything is that you tell me I have to pay for premium membership to get any kind of help what so ever from you. Do you not take into account the age of the resident? I have been in SL for 4 and half years now and I have stuck with SL threw sculpties, flexi hair, major crashing problems, age verification and 'adult content' segregation. Yet you won't do the same for me? No, Im not a premium account holder at the minute, I have been though and still you have not resolved my initial problem. I have put hundreds of pounds into SL over my residency and you refuse to help me. Where as a complete newbie, on day 1 can contact you if they have purchased a premium account and get things sorted within 5 days. 

I will gladly make a donation to your precious little Linden Lab bank account if you fix my problem. But paying before I even know if you can fix it or not??...in the nicest possible way...bugger off! You wouldn't pay any RL repair man if they turn round and say "Well....pay me and I'll have a go". No...you pay when the job is done!

I am disgusted this is how LL treats those loyal, committed residents.

So...to summarize...SL customer service...pretty much...sucks mega prims!

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