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Making Strides to Improve our Customer Support Services

Vogt Linden


As we mentioned in our last blog post,  the Customer Support team continues to drive a series of changes to the  way in which Linden Lab delivers support to our Resident community.  We  are examining our support offering from top to bottom, using the data  from our new support system, your survey data, blog feedback, and  industry standard practices to help shape our approach.

Some  of our changes will be apparent to you, like the look and feel of the  new case and live chat systems and our coming self-service tools. Others  will be structural and won't be immediately apparent, like our internal  support tools, but their benefits will reveal themselves over time as  they enable us to address your issues more quickly.

As we approach these changes, we have a number of high-level goals in mind:

  • Leverage industry best practices, and our own hard-earned lessons, to create a comprehensive customer service offering.
  • Respond to high-urgency, business-critical requests more quickly.
  • Better address product and service issues before they become a support interaction.
  • Provide all Residents with better self-service tools to help solve issues immediately.
Changes to Support for Basic Residents

As  part of these changes, we are examining the types of support we offer  Residents of all levels, in an effort to provide better, more responsive  service to the most business-critical issues.  Starting on Wednesday,  October 13th, we will simplify and reduce the types of cases that Basic  Residents can file and direct them to our self-service tools on your account page, or search the Knowledge Base or Second Life Answers for solutions.  As a Basic Resident, you can still file cases about  most account issues, billing issues, marketplace issues, and some  technical issues.

Improving Support for Premium and Concierge Residents

As  we increasingly direct Basic Residents to self-service tools, we are  exploring ways that we can better service and support our Premium and  Concierge Residents.  These Residents –who are often landowners,  merchants, and inworld business owners– will continue to be able to file  the full range of cases, have access support via live chat, and in the  case of Concierge Residents, have access to phone support.  As we begin  to see the impact of the changes we have underway, we expect our  response times across all of these channels to improve.

This  announcement is one of many to come soon as we work hard to provide  faster, more effective customer service. We look forward to hearing your  feedback as these changes roll out.


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I did one better.


A friend asked me about Second life, I told her the good, the bad, and the ugly of SL. She said she singed up for a Premium account I asked her why pay more for less. She said what do you mean. Your not a business owner you a nobody like me. So why pay LL ANYTHING?

I told her about how customer service blew me off like a snot rag. She said really, if she treated her real patients like LL treated people then she would be out of customers as well as her  job, and maybe her medical license as well.

I called the 1-800 and was told that they cant fix My case due to me living in the states and they are in the UK?? WTF??!!! I had to check the number I dialed to make sure i did not call the UK.

I think Linden Labs forgot what they got into business for in the first place. The more and more people that come aboard as a Basic account should get the same level of support as premium.

For Basic accounts also spend cash to buy lindens as well. And if this ow LL does business maybe they need to delcare bankruptcy and close Second Life and SAVE all that money they are wasting away for not being able to help anyone anymore.

"Making Strides to Improve our Customer Support Services".. yeah Making strides to piss people off.

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Just for fun lets test how good Linden Lab's service is now. I mentioned earlier here that I had a ticket still listed as "new" from July 1. Well, with ticket history finally back up I was . . . well, read below. This is the ticket I just submitted (again). I will keep you posted on the progress and you are welcome to comment as we go.  Time to have some fun!


Linden Lab Ticket 00930656

Between 08:25:10 and 10:20:06 on July 1, 2010, two automated payout scripts operating on Orgy Island incorrectly paid out funds from my account to others. The original two payouts logged at 8:25 and 8:26 each for L$600 are correct, but then they were paid out a second time incorrectly at 8:52 when Linden Labs corrected a known payout issue that was posted on the Grid Status board.

I first reported this with ticket number 00840009 at 6:37:46 on 2010-07-02 (July 2) and updated / requested action again with an update on 2010-09-13 at 01:26:10. At that time it was still listing it as “new.”

In an attempt to update my request for correction, ticket 00840009 now fails to load according to the ticket history.

I am submitting this new ticket and requesting a reimbursement of L$1200 to my account.  This was a double-payout error caused by a Linden Lab server / software issue.  The following are the four transactions referred to above:

6db47c28-53c6-fa63-f26b-0e8116f69e49 on 2010-07-01 at 08:25:10 to : Paid L$600

0aa1fa9d-f8ad-8452-ba57-b835e96b5013 on 2010-07-01 at 08:26:45 to : Paid L$600

3e2a59a6-9944-9cbd-be1c-6fac861cce30 on 2010-07-01 at 08:52:36 to : Paid L$600

c0e194a4-d79f-cb0f-e909-a482a519908f on  2010-07-01 at 08:52:37 to : Paid L$600


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It looks like others have beat me to it..helping this carrie person remove teh fluff from her ears. i just looked at my transaction history and i purchased, and spent, $62. USD for the month of september. and i am a basic account holder. Why am I basic? I tried a premium account when I was new. had an issue and tried live chat. This was before they "improved" on it, and it was just as horrific then. i couldnt connect, when i finally did, he didnt seem to knw what he was talking about. i decided the 10 bucks is basically to sucker people into paying for their customer service department's idiocy and i switched to basic. I still have a place, still spend way too much on SL, especially for clothes, hair and shoes. In fact, I agree with what someone else said, that basic account holders may spend even more lindens than premium. we have an extra 10. a month to buy lindens with. paying someone 10 bucks a month to get just over 1 buck a week is silly. if there was good support to go along with it, i would not have switched to basic. but frankly, we can all get ignored by linden labs for free. save teh lindens for shopping. and hopefully, someone has taught that rude girl the difference between no payment info on file and premium vs basic. heh

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OK wait so let me get this straight. If a basic member ends up having an issue that isn't covered, we are pretty much screwed? Thats kinda what I read. Nice to know that if the answer to my problems isn't answered in the badly written support wiki, I just have to live with it. Gee thanks LL. Shoot have a friend who has has an open ticket for about 10 days as it stands now. Great Customer Service and Support for your users

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The same with me. I have several tickets because you cannot post any events in German anymore because the event form tells you it is adult content even though we for example just create landscapes with water colors in an SL class ...

Another issue is that as a school I cannot post any classes that are held weekly anymore because the event form tells me it is a duplicate which is not allowed. I guess LL wants us for example to teach a foreign language in one single event to avoid posting a class meeting a week later - even though new participants can join anytime. Or how can I understand that... Again I filed a ticket

No ticket has been looked at since the beginning of Octobre.

And i am a Sim wowner and can use the Live Chat  which is hopeless too. They just tell you: File a ticket.

By the way. That used to be a lot better 2 years ago and I hope they get back to that some day in the future.

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@Velvet -- At present, if anyone ends up having an issue that's not covered in the wiki -- or on which they can't obtain advice from in-world groups or SL Answers -- they're pretty much screwed whatever their account status.

I can understand why LL doesn't want to have people spending time talking folks -- whatever their account status -- through what I bet are two of the most common problems that are brought to them, "half my inventory has vanished" and "my avatar is permanently ruthed," when both of those can usually be solved without LL's intervention provided the user knows how to do it.   I don't really have a problem with LL not helping basic members fix issues which I (as a Concierge member) wouldn't bother them with, provided that information about the relevant fixes and alternative resources for advice are made more clearly available.

However, there're still several issues -- "my avatar is ghosted on a mainland sim and I can't log back in," for example (or "I'm ghosted on a private estate and the owner isn't available to restart the sim") -- with which LL assistance is necessary whatever your account status.    And, to my mind, that assistance should be available to everyone.  

On which topic, how difficult would it be, I wonder, to add a "forcibly log my avatar out" button to the dashboard?  It seems really odd that I can't log myself out if I'm ghosted but, if I by mistake I try to log myself in twice, instead of logging in my alt, that logs me out automatically.

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Actually Innula, even that is something we can do ourselves. However, it is on the advanced menu. They need to move it to preferences. Currently the fix is to go to the trouble of creating an alt, and committing mischief on the ghosted avatar. Lovely. Maybe this is why they allow all the griefing tools.

The area in which I believe LL needs to do a better job of assisting us is with Linden issues. Our money is our trust, frankly. When we cant get money issues resolved, other playgrounds start looking more appealing. I went to inworldz for a while because I was so pissed over a linden issue that I sent a ticket on two months ago. I sent another in Sept, and one first of Oct. I get the autoresponder email and that is IT. While I'm at it, let me share with with you guys to hopefully prevent it happening to one of you. I found a group that sounded appealing to me, and they required a fee to join which I paid. The group charter said a website with useful info would be provided as well as group support, and that we would be able to provide feedback as well. It was a "consumer reports" type group. Not sure if mentioning the name would violate TOS so I wont. But I paid the fee by clicking the blue join button and waited. Nothing. I sent an IM to the group introducing myself, asking about the link to their website. Nada. Zip. As I did a search on the group owner, sure enough, it showed "none found". I sent a few IMs to individuals in the group and have gotten no answer. Basically I want my lindens back (laugh) and at the very least to find out where they went. Who received them? Even though we can all assess the answer to that one. I dont think most people attempt to contact a group owner to see if they still exist, or even are going to do what they claim before joining a group, but I wanted to put this out there so others would be aware anyway. A shop I really used to love has moved to Inworldz. Maybe I will permantly. Bottom line is LL is choosing to ignore those of us who spend a pretty damn penny to play there, we just don't pay another 10 bucks to pay their support team to ignore us, as someone said above. Her post prompted me to look at how much I've invested in Lindens in one month and my total for september is 58 bucks. Real USD. By the way, it was easier to look in my check register than going thru transaction history like she did. Keep screwing us over LL. Other grids are improving in leaps and bounds by the day. Soon we will be bending over for a better grid.

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There is an Abuse Report category called "Commerce - Failure to Deliver Product or Service". If the merchant does not deliver the product or service, then it's an issue for LL and you file an Abuse Report or a ticket. If LL doesnt' respond, then I would blame LL for not responding as I think most people would.

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You ,my fiend have a problem with the vendor. Don't blame SL. Go back to the guy who took your money. BTW, what were you trying to buy?

There is  an Abuse Report category called "Commerce - Failure to Deliver Product  or Service". If the merchant does not deliver the product or service,  then it's an issue for LL and you file an Abuse Report or a ticket. If  LL doesnt' respond, then I would blame LL for not responding as I think  most people would.

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I think the AR Category "Commerce - Failure to Deliver Product  or Service"  means "Ignore This."

The Knowledge Base FAQs seem to cover the topic clearly, if not to everyone's satisfaction:

Q: I have an agreement with one or more Residents regarding real estate, group management, performance of services, division of revenue, etc., but they aren't keeping to the agreement

A: Linden Lab cannot verify, enforce, certify, examine, uphold, or adjudicate any oath, contract, deal, bargain, or agreement made by the Residents of Second Life. Please contact the Resident with whom you have a dispute, and request that they make good on the deal. While you may have a valid agreement with another person, Linden Lab is not a party to and cannot resolve your dispute.

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I did both AR and ticket. As for the other remarks, I said I joined a group that said for that amount of lindens I would get access to a website link. The person who created that group is no longer on SL. That is what I wanted resolved basically. I know those lindens are gone. I would like to know what happened to them. They could at least trouble themselves to tell me to FOAD. Once more hopefully this time it will penetrate. The resident is not someone I can contact in hopes of resolving it.They aren't on sl anymore. Hell they probably wised up and moved to inworldz. ha

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LL is a service provider,  unless there is something wrong with their product they are not willing to deal with it.  I am sure they do not want to hear about every tree, bump, or argument in SL.   So before you send them a email saying "She broke up with me and I want her banned." Think about what that has to do with the Second Life code and how that affects your game performance.  It has nothing to do with it...so you will probably be ignored.

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Q: I  have an agreement with one or more Residents regarding real estate,  group management, performance of services, division of revenue, etc.,  but they aren't keeping to the agreement

A: Your SOL as per our terms and conditions,  yes we are lauging at you right now.

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Oh Maurice I beg to differ here.  I called CS and specifically asked if I did not pay the tier for my island for a few months while out of the country how long would I have before the data was removed.  I was told after 2 weeks of non payment they could not guarantee that my inventory would be indeed safe as you suggest.  To which I remember saying how nice that was for LL but not so nice for the customer  having to pay for something that I would get zero use out of; seemed a bad deal for me.

I wanted to maintain what was created; I did in fact pay the tier fees for several months with zero use of the estate.  So there ya go case and point,  set and match.

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Ah yes I the great anti-Linden Lab biased bastard will strike again. ^^

To you I say chop chop chop linden labs....

Linden inworld Liasons , Community Gateways , Teen Grid , Discounts for Edu & Nonprofit , Basic Account Support , Avatars United ,Slex / xstreet the list goes on... are.. now.. gone!

I am nearly 100% sure LL's new motto is "Less is more"... cut it all away and charge more for it. Sorry I hate to inform you guys but virtual platforms are not victoria secret or swim wear.

Yet here we are being stripped naked, and I would say quiet honestly my bare bottom feels quiet exposed to the so called improvements that generally mean higher prices, less service and more dissatisfaction.

Before I am told to go premium account, you should know I once had a premium account, and that premium service included being asked questions like, Are you the owner of Sandbox Cordova ( which is a linden sandbox ) in one support case regarding issues with ghost objects I was trying to receive after a crash.

Another great thing was when I was banned from SL after a griefer accused me through support that I was 12 years old. Which is funny considering I have handled contracts on a regular basis with several universities, have been a member of SLDEV and own a registered LLC, all characteristic of average 12 year olds. Once I had faxed them documents of my age verification it took over 48 hours to lift the ban from my account.

All this occured cause I didn't give money to a griefer @ SLB ( second life birthday event ).

Another great example of tech support would be when a glitch occured in the permission systems and 3 months worth of work was auto returned to me in pieces on a sim build. Because it was mainland, even though I owned the entire region I never had my sim restored.

This only cost me oh... around 3,000US$ in development cost, plus the sim rent for 3 months while the sim was being construction... 3 x 200 oh only around 3600US$ over a permission glitch. No worries right. Cause I had the ultra helpful premium support service account, which I paid for...


Anyways just food for thought... remember when linden lab says improvements, check your wallets and remember these previous improvements ( cuts )

Linden inworld Liasons , Community Gateways , Teen Grid , Discounts for Edu & Nonprofit , Basic Account Support , Avatars United ,Slex / xstreet the list goes on... are.. now.. gone!

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...and the beta will take some time. I spent a few mins in two of the the sandboxes when the Project Viewer initially became available for download. Several people were already uploading mesh content. One was a very neat sculpted statue. It would have been hundreds of regular prims. Not sure what the sculpt count would have been. This statue was 71 prims. Another was the beginning of a submarine. Really looking forward to what people will build.

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I am a premium account holder/estate owner and own multiple estates. The drama involved with just getting a region rollback is a disaster. I can't even count the number of tickets I have opened that just "disappear". We are griefed pretty regularly, we give them the alt account names of these FREE members, and nothing gets done. I have even had a RL threat against my life and the guy still runs free in SL. It's a joke. I even got kind of pissy with one of the guys on concierge after they locked my account for 87 cents. When I asked them why they were so rude and unhelpful his response was " maybe it is because the company is moving and we are losing our jobs!!!" Are your freaking kidding me? HOW did that become the consumers fault. I just told him, not my problem do your job while you still have it. Within the year, I plan to sell and kill my account, becuase it just really isnt worth it anymore.

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