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The Dare! in Second Life

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Linden Lab


We double-dare you to check out "The Dare!" in Second Life. 

Aspen's 2011 Halloween Project is based on the soon-to-be-published short story "The Dare" by Daniel Mathews. On Halloween night, three boys dare one another to explore Northstun Manor. Their adventures will take them through a murky swamp, the infamous Northstun Manor and finally an extensive graveyard. Don't miss the daily prizes and giveaways.

Check out this spooky trailer by SL Resident and machinima artist Natascha Randt:
Ready to visit? Visit The Dare! in Second Life or check out other Haunted attractions in the Destination Guide.
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RLV would enhance the ability to surprise those looking for a ghastly halloween fright, for those who use RLV.

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rlv has nothing to do with ratings lol the yuss/nuu hud for kid avvies uses rlv scripts. just because something was meant for something adult doesn't mean everything involved with it has to be adult.

and i agree it would be a cool way to enhance the attraction, but i doubt it would ever be added..

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very nice video en good music,cant wait to go heck that out soon!! btw,would some1 explain me what that rlv means plz???

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