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Your Second Life Evolution

Linden Lab



How has your SL look changed over the years? Share your favorite SL evolution photos in the Group Pool on Flickr and add your comments to the discussion. Check out Eshi Otawara's looks throughout the years here.




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I love how both of you have evolved, Vick and Eshi!  Here is my contribution, this really made me reflect on how things have changed but in the same they have not.


SL Evolution of Xena 2011.png



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Josef Balbozar - My SL Evolution since 2007


The ability to change avatar appearance is fun and a remarkable  feature of SL - here is a selection from Josef's many 'guises since 2007 ...

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How the times have changed=\  me and my partner have been together since my first week of sl and we are still together, in rl as well <3sl evolution.JPG

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profilehistory.jpgLate '05 to late '11. Top left was the oldest I could find, bottom right is today. The rest are not in order.

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Lost amongst several boxes of snapshots are my earliest SL looks.  Actually, I didn't even know how to use the camera when I joined in 2004 but I remember the striped shirts everyone seemed to have...~lol~ 


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