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The Haunted Halloween season is just around the corner — how will you celebrate?

Linden Lab



Share your favorite sims and eeriest events!

It’s that time of year again — time to get out your witch’s hats, dust off those broomsticks and don your spookiest, scariest costumes for a frightful Haunted celebration. This spooky season is a favorite in Second Life.

What are your favorite places to celebrate all things ghoulish? Are you a builder, designer, costume expert or fright fanatic? Share your insights! Get into the spirit of the season and help guide Residents to your top spooky spots.

Got a favorite fall hayride location, or an awe-inspiring apple-picking area? Post a link to the scariest sim or the most happening Halloween event locale. Share your frightening favorites — and all the autumn awesomeness! — in the comments section.

Get excited!




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Halloween Deviant Cove_001.jpg

All are welcome to come and enjoy the haunted sim at Deviant Cove.Halloween is our favorite time of the year here and we go

all out to make it fun for all. Join the hunt here for free prizes, just read the story line and follow the hints to find

all of the blackened skulls with the presents inside. The story and first hint are in the sign at the begining. There are

several areas to be searched and explored with many suprises for you to discover so be sure to left click everything.Travel

quickly to the far reaches of the sim by using the magical doors that are located in the small cottage on the hill.If you

enjoy fishing there are several unique free outfits that can be obtained by fishing from our dock area. All of the vamps

here are friendly so be sure to stop by and give us a visit at Deviant Cove and join with us in the Halloween fun !

Here is the link   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fort%20Caroline/129/36/22

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Sleepy Hollow - Nightmares and Legends

Many places have their stories and legends of things going bump in the night or may have their share of "unwanted guests".  One small isolated town in upstate New York stands out in both rich history and dark legend.  The haunted town of Sleepy Hollow found in legends and lore, rests near the eastern side of the Hudson River... a marshy section of the river.  Approximately 9,000 individuals call this area “home”. Of course, this is the number of physical, living individuals...

Sleepy Hollow was settled in 1640. The Dutch settlers elected the name “Slapershaven”.  It eventually was called "Sleepy Hollow".  While the town is considered a fictional piace to many, it is important to understand that Sleepy Hollow is in fact, an actual town... full of haunting tales, dark legend and famous people that played a part of it's rich history. Several dark and chilling cemeteries exist here as well as a historical battlefield from the revolutionary war.  the following is just a taste of what Sleepy Hollow's history presents itself:

SLEEPY HOLLOW CEMETERY - Residents and visitors have witnessed an eerie mist, lights dancing on the graves and unexplained voices coming from all directions in the various sections of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Several famous people are buried here, including Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie, Leona Helmsley, William Rockefeller and several Revolutionary war Army and Militia officers.  Edgar Allan Poe resided a short distance from Sleepy Hollow cemetery during his last few years.  The film "House of Dark Shadows" was filmed at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery as well as Lyndhurst Mansion (castle), also located in Sleepy Hollow: 

PATRIOT'S PARK – If you go to a secluded area of Sleepy Hollow, you will discover Patriot's Park. During the American Revolutionary War, the Americans captured a soldier that was of Hessian decent. He was immediately executed by way of beheading. An apparition known as the "Headless Horseman" is said to linger throughout the park grounds to this very day. Washington Irving took this legend of the headless soldier for his infamous tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".  But dont' be misled, the tale reaches much further than pen and parchment.      Nearby is "Sunnyside Estate", in which Irving purchased in 1835.  Originally a small ordinary cottage, Irving renovated it into a large estate.  It has been said to have an extraordinary amount of apparitions, including Irving and his nieces.

   IMPALED and Dragon's Flair (Nightmares & Legends group) have taken the legend and lore of Sleepy Hollow to the next level, not only creating a location very close in resemblance to the real life town of terrifying tales, but adding a touch of our own macabre madness... As you enter the sim, you are immediately encompassed by torrid rains and crashing thunder.  Recreating a feeling of 19th century Sleepy Hollow, visitors can make their way through each area, finding something different to explore.  Key locations are to wander through include:

The Mansion:  Engulfed by a dark and mysterious forest, this is the main store to both IMPALED & Dragon's Flair.  It is the remnant of times past, with secret passages, wandering spirits, sacrifice, tortured souls and bumps in the night.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery:  A recreation of the infamous cemetery, parts of it are over 400 years old.  Many wandering spirits have called this place home... however some seem to be restless and out for vengeance.  Seems one is searching for his head, but would be happy for now just to have any passerby's.

The Marsh: Dark foreboding water glistening in the moonlight and draped by fog... take your friends on a private boat ride in the marsh, leary of what may be lurking around every bend.  Nahhh, really a peaceful little jaunt around the forest and front end of the sim.... or is it?

Haunted Forest: Walk the path between the mansion and the marsh, breathing in the madness eminating from the darkness and sounds of the night... can you feel the tingle running up your spine?


Participating in these CURRENT HUNTS:

Depraved Souls Hunt - Oct. 1st thru 31st - Our own little hunt (part of the SL most haunted places group)
Macabre Hunt - thru Oct. 15th
Tales of Terror Hunt - Oct. 7th thru Oct. 31st
Creepy Classics Hunt - Oct. 1st thru Oct. 31st
Thanks to all that participated in the Twisted Hunt and hope to see you for the rest of the hunts this month!

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The 10 best destinations for Halloween this year, chosen by me Urban Steampunk.
Second Life Destination - Halloween.png

You can see all the photos and teleports in This Post.

Be sure to also visit the LEA Full Sim Art Series this October featuring the exhibition Inferno by Rebekah Bashly.

This is a machinima that i recorded in Inferno by Rebeca Bashly.

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Haunted Hell Hole, Full Throttle (59, 150, 30).jpg 

  Set to midnight, try to make it past the guards alive, and fall into The Hell Hole an abandoned house filled with nightmarish images, ghouls, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night...
  Wade through the Dungeon of Blood and make your way up to the Widow's Walk to ride the haunted waterslide!  Located at the end of town in Corpse County, The Hell Hole was created by Flealove Mazi and Monnicaa Darko and will be open now until Nov.1st.

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