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The Haunted Halloween season is just around the corner — how will you celebrate?

Linden Lab



Share your favorite sims and eeriest events!

It’s that time of year again — time to get out your witch’s hats, dust off those broomsticks and don your spookiest, scariest costumes for a frightful Haunted celebration. This spooky season is a favorite in Second Life.

What are your favorite places to celebrate all things ghoulish? Are you a builder, designer, costume expert or fright fanatic? Share your insights! Get into the spirit of the season and help guide Residents to your top spooky spots.

Got a favorite fall hayride location, or an awe-inspiring apple-picking area? Post a link to the scariest sim or the most happening Halloween event locale. Share your frightening favorites — and all the autumn awesomeness! — in the comments section.

Get excited!




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Last Year, In Honor of Halloween, I was a different AV every day for the month of October.  Since folks seemed to have gotten a great kick out of it, I decided to continue the tradition this year, so you may see me in many of the clubs/live music venues......say hi!



And for the record........last year.....The Japanese Sumo wrestler and Lego-man got hit on the most!

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Hello Second Life;


**PS: Check *Spoilers* for Images**

 Here by I welcome you to Siden; a cursed town with unspeakable horrors roaming over and around. Please join us in a game of survival, team play, stealth and most importantly, have lots of fun. Solve a series of mysteries while fighting to ghosts, spectres, zombies, ghouls and several unique bossess, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the chatter with others in the safety of church. With it's never ending horroring theme, Siden is a great place to enjoy the incoming Halloween.


1: Church Perspective View



2: Inside the Church


  As a hard core Silent Hill fan, Siden's owner Sooden Ren created a town that carries resemblances to this famous game while avoids being an exact copy of it. Having a unique theme that can hardly be matched anywhere else on Second Life is the most important property of Siden, but of course the main part that makes the sim best would be the residents who know how to enjoy this place and socialise with others, be it new people or already dedicated players. 


3: The amusement part is no more amusing



  Sooden Ren or other assigned admins and mods frequently set fun events, such as "catch the fairy" or "find the crates". For Holloween, however, there is going to be a special event that is a surprise for yet. Only Sooden Ren and other admins are aware of that surprise and they save the secret very carefully. 


4: Elizabeth's warning: Do not enter.


 Assume the role of a survivor who somehow entered the town, or just join for the events which are announced through siden group, or just explore the town for sight seeing and admire the artwork. Bring your weapons, or your friends. Let your imagination soar.


5: And some fighting 


 Overall, Siden is a roleplay sim with a spooky background plot, dark atmosphere, lots of cool people who are either survivors or the blood thirsty monsters. Suitable for exploring a haunted town, roleplaying with other players or just good ol' plain hack&slash gaming with low lag scripted monsters. Try not to get frightened too much for the sim always needs it's fans. 


6: Don't forget the sewers

007.Sewers.png7: Or the caged bodies


Link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Siden/140/173/655/

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For fun and a challenge, you cannot beat Octoberville. These people work very hard to bring this superb experience to life every year. Just finishing it is a testament to your perseverance. October would not be the same for many of us without it.

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Haunted Castle_001.jpg

Hanunted Castle in Pirate Lands

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mad%20Turtle%20Teaparty/150/125/604 Eat your dinner with the ghosts and ghouls of this Pirate Lands Castle. Be sure to put on midnight and bring a partner for dancing. Have a cup of the Halloween brew, bob for some apples and trick or treat for a gift from the bartender ghoul.  Climb the towers to find more suprises or lounge around in the graveyard *shiver*. But have fun. I will probably be leaving this haunted castle up, possiblbly as an added attraction to the sim. Just take the teleporters or use the url above.

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Have you created Haunted House for Halloween?  If yes send me (in game) a full perm Logo texture and the landmark to the location and I will add it to the teleport boards. 

I have created a Haunted House Portal in game where I have complied a list of Haunted Attracted Attractions you can visit with direct Teleports to the locations. So far I am up to 30 Haunted destinations.

Also, there are several ad boards available if you would like greater visual impact for your halloween haunt, products or services.

Please Go To: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solbim/58/209/47 to varify if your Haunt is listed and or to register for an ad board.  Happy Halloween!



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The Peatonville Mystery


In November, 1934 the town of Peatonville suffered an unexplained tragedy. 22 residents of the local highly respected Asylum were slaughtered in the most gruesome ways. The killer was never found. Years later the archeologists discovered a shard that they believe belonged to a native Indian tribe and was used in their soul draining rituals. According to a legend the Soulstone was the storage for the evil souls that should not be allowed to re-incarnate. Is it just a story or was the massacre at Peatonville Asylum related to the Soulstone? Are you brave enough to enter Peatonville and solve the mystery?

 Created by MadPea Productions

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PSYCHO House @ Funfair Dreams

! This House is Madness !
Long time ago,something happened here.The reality is,all the dark stories-all the evil tales-were nothing, compared to what really happened.Find out..!Meet some friend of your favourite Horror movies-now it is real.The unique combination of simulation and visuality of PSYCHO House offers visitors an experience they won`t forget.The danger lurks constantly in the darkness.Let the adventure begin..........if you dare.......
3 Floors Adventure
The biggest Horrorsimulationsystem in SL.
Open every day of year.

Psycho SL2.jpg


Psycho inside.jpg

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Aspen Nights proudly presents the 2011 Halloween Project, based on the soon-to-be-published short story "The Dare" by Daniel Mathews. Jump to the attached LM, grab a short background notecard from the poster and start your adventure by following the path through the swamps ... if you are brave enough!


 The Dare at Aspen


The Dare

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Ninatchka'sHalloween Graveyard, Wetherbys (103, 115, 23)

Visit and set your environement to MIDNIGHT... enjoy pose balls and explore the rest of this Wetherby 1/4 sim...lots to see

ENJOY & Thanks for Visiting!


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Hello SL
Waves and smiles
I wanted to share with all SL my new Haunted House open for all to tour based on the Amityville Horror House as well a Corn Maze , Graveyard , Hay Ride ,  Free Halloween Costume and Halloween Hunt
Happy Halloween With Much Love To All PrettyB Durant

PS Please mind the lag due to many scripted items sorry no way around it;) Please enjoy




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The cool night wind causes the trees to shiver their leaves in the spooky little farm town of Octoberville. Once again the mysterious village returns for it's seventh year for Trick or Treaters, Autumn Lovers and Mystery Solvers to celebrate Halloween in Second Life. Octoberville offers a beautifully colorful and creepy autumn wonderland for residents to come play in for free. Pick up a flashlight and explore the town and solve its mysteries, involving the mad Professor Dalton. There are games to play, puzzles to solve, pumpkins to pick, marshmallows to toast, haunted houses, hayrides and much more Halloween fun. We look forward to you visiting our town!




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Nice! I will decorate the ELITE 3000 Second Life Centre Headquarters with Halloween decorations and of course will feature Halloween reports from Second Life and other virtual worlds on ELITE 3000 Today, a multi-virtual-world newscast on Youtube. We will do a special Halloween edition of ELITE 3000 Today, somewhere in late-October. Here is the video of last year's special Halloween edition of ELITE 3000 Today, with reports from Second Life. (NOTE: We used the temporary Second Life account Elite3000 Abbot, before Linden Labs restored Elite Runner that we mistakenely cancelled and thus contacted Support to restore Elite Runner).

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

The video was created on October 30, 2011 and was uploaded last Halloween (October 31, 2010)

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It’s that time of year again and BEEFCAKE is ready to release its 2011 Costume Collection. Check out some of last year’s favorites and over 30 new additions this year! You’ll also find updates to some of last years best sellers like the Angel Series with new sculpted prim wings. Fall means cooler weather but Halloween just got hotter! Let your inner beefcake out with a BEEFCAKE costume this year and be the talk at any costume party or contest!

Costume Preview Show

Wednesday, October 5th 6pm SLT

Join us for the Beefcake of the Month Party on the Gay Riviera this wednesday as the beefiest guys in SL show you their stuff in this year’s hot new Beefcake Costumes.


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Don't miss The Nightmare Hunt.

From September 30th to October 15th, one of the most scary hunts in second life begins, with 13 high quality stores from Second Life and with Halloween theme, you must find hidden gifts that all has free for you in their stores.

You have to begin in the first store, The Nightmare Store. Find the bloody eye object for 0L$, in contents you can find your gift and the landmark to the next store.


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