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Fashion Expert Ponino Oh: Fashionista – be all you can be!

Linden Lab


“I remember having tried even tears with running mascara when I felt sad, or a pink hair when I wanted everyone to see me smiling from the other side of a sim,” — that would be the opening to anything that I always wanted to say to people about fashion in SL.

Today, I have that chance, and I am thinking to myself, “how would you like to be seen by others? Would you like to be the rock star who plays the guitar in your dreams? Or maybe the pin-up girl who shows her long legs, wearing a vintage, classy swimsuit?” I think the only correct answer is, "Yes — you can be any of those, or even all of them at the same time!” (Well, actually, you may not want to try all tendencies at once — LOL!).


I truly believe in being yourself when buying clothing and accessories, or looking through your inventory just as if you were in your wardrobe trying on things you like. (I still have tons of pink socks in my inventory — and even a turkey head! — waiting to be worn when I wake up in the mood to be... maybe Thanksgiving dinner? LOL — who knows!).

And why not? My policy is, “if it’s nice, cool! But if it’s nice and cheap... I must have it!” Fortunately, most of the stores around SL helped me with these addictions. When you stay in SL for almost five years, you learn that seasonal sales exist, and that there are things known as “hunts” that give you unique stuff for free, and that many of the cutest stores still believe in group gifts. OMG! There are so many tips — this space is not enough (yeah — I do have a notecard somewhere with more tips because I love to help people as much as I love bargains *smiles*).


To wrap this up, I just have to say thanks to all of you for the opportunity! I'm open to all kind of questions and suggestions. I know my English is not that good and that many selected designers might be more interesting than me — but I just have to say fashion is for me one of the things that have captured my attention since the day I decided to be creative in this SL, and that is for me like the reason I'm still here today! *winks*.


About the author: Ponino Oh has been a blogger for a couple of years. Now, she enjoys mixing new releases, some freebies, offers and a bit of her artwork with some of her fellow bloggers at Eatmystylee.


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Hello everyone! :) I'm very proud of being chosen as a Fashion Expert as said on my post above! I'm already here guys, so if you want to ask anything you want and comment I'll be happy to answer or just chat with you :D

@Thereaver: thank you so much for being my first comment (even before me lol) and yes, "be what you want to be" It's the main reason I'm in SL now to enjoy what you can offer, show and feel not only with a second opportunity but with a way to develop our creativity without barriers :) *huggies!*

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@Cajsa: Thanks dear :) I have to say, it took me a while to get a pair of weat feet.. But I enjoy experimenting with some PS brushes :P you can check more of my pics at Flickr too!

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Ooohhhh  Felicidades hermanitaaaaaa!!!  Eres lo mas bello que tiene SL de RL ni hablar,  Estoy muy orgullosa de ti, fascinada con tu glamour, encantada con tu exquisito gusto. creo que si alguien merece estar aqui en este momento esa eres TU . con lagrimas en los ojos de emocion les digo a todos que Poninita es mi bella hermanita. La chica mas inteligente y creativa que yo conozco, y  este blog non me permitiria decir todas  las cosas buenas y maravillosas que tiene esta bella chica.  Tus fotos son maravillosas!!  Te envio muchos bessitos y la mejor de las suertes.

Te amooooo hermanitaaaaaa<3


Vampiressa  Oh Scarbridge.

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Oh Vampiressa Scarbridge.

Ooohhhh hermanitaaaaaa Congratulations! You have the mostbeautiful thing about SL or RL, I'm very proud of you, yourglamorous fascinated, delighted with your exquisite taste. I think ifanyone deserves to be here at this time that's you. with tears in the eyes of emotion I tell everyone that is my beautiful sister Poninita.The most intelligent and creative woman I know, and this blog would allow me to say non all things good and wonderful to have thisbeautiful girl. Your photos are wonderful! I sent many bessitos and best of luck.
Hermanitaaaaaa amooooo you <3

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Great post Ponino. You are one of my very favorite bloggers and always do the things you pick justice! I look forward to seeing more posts from you :)

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@Vampiressa: Gracias a ti hermanita por tan bellas palabras :) Me emociona saber que tengo tantas personas hermosas siguiendome no solo en el blog, sino inworld como parte de mi maravillosa familia.. Y que no siendo eso suficiente se toman el tiempo para dedicarme unas palabras cuando se me otorga tan grande privilegio como el de hoy.

@Leri: Thanks to you dear, you as many other designers have given me the opportunity to share with others such wonderful pieces of fashion (Because, yes.. that first picture above is a bit of Leri's creations) I know you all think of us while working at your stores and previews, and receive any suggestion given by costumers :D

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Mami!! omg! no lo creo! logeo la pagina de Sl y esta tu nombre....

Nada mas que decirte felicidades! sos toda una experta de la moda! Y la fotografia ni hablar!

De vos nacieron mis skills en ps tambien!

Jjaja! te adoro y espero seguir viendo mas posts tuyos en la pag  de sl!


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Thanks for keep reading and letting me know what you think guys!

@Lyric: Thanks dear :) I enjoyed this opportunity so much, and hope I was able to do a god job for you guys.. Here as I do at Eatmystyle!

@Lasch: Aww!! Thanks dear.. I have to say in public, "we just meet at clothing stores lately" LOL *huggies*

@Ginevra: Yes dear, it does look as nice as the picture inworld :D I have to say, I'm not a big fan of non layers clothing, but I do wear that shirt from [sG*] all the time, as well as the top.. I love its HQ and care that my own daughter used on the textures, courtesy of Be.Lo-Te.. An, finally, the leopard leggings form Aoharu.. they just rock! :D For a full style card you can check it at my blog [here] or ask me inworld :) I'm always open for questions!

@Nat: Mi reina hermosa, gracias por tomarte el tiempo para pasar por aqui y dejarme tu apoyo.. Yo solo espero que quienes hayan tenido la oportunidad de leer el post lo hayan disfrutado por ahora :P // My dear queen, thanks for taking the time to pass by and leave me your support.. I just hope that those who have read this blog, loved it for now :P



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OMG primssss aaaaaaaa FELICITACIONES, claro esta por tu logro, te lo mereces por ser una gran persona, siempre atenta, tus palabras siempre cariñosas (no lo son tanto en rp jiji). Te felicito de todo corazon!! Muackiss

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