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Obsolete Asset Fetch Disabled

Linden Lab


Quite some time ago, we introduced viewer changes that moved the fetching of most assets from using UDP through the simulator to HTTP through our content delivery network (CDN) to improve fetch times and save cycles on the simulator for simulation. At the time, we did not disable the UDP fetching path so that all users would have time to upgrade to newer viewer versions that fully support the new HTTP/CDN path. We warned that at some time in the future we would disable the older mechanism, and that time has come.

The simulator rolling to the BlueSteel and LeTigre channels this week removes support for UDP asset fetching. In the normal course of events that version should be grid wide within a couple of weeks. Viewers that have not been updated to the newer (and faster) protocol will no longer be able to fetch many asset types, including


  • sounds
  • landmarks
  • clothing
  • body parts
  • animations
  • gestures
  • meshes

Since some specific body parts are required to render avatars, anyone on viewers that cannot load them will be a cloud or “Ruth” avatar and unable to change from it.

All current official viewer versions are able to load assets normally. As far as we are aware, all actively maintained Third Party Viewers have had support for the HTTP/CDN asset fetching for many releases, so no matter what viewer you prefer there should be an upgrade available for you.


Oz Linden

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