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Fashion Expert Frolic Mills: The Fabulous Fashion Helping Hand

Linden Lab



Need to impress a date? Getting married? Having a fashion emergency? Whatever it is, we can help! 


Feel free to share any great discoveries you may have found, and ask others about anything related to fashion. Today, we are joined by the talented group of Miss and Mr. Virtual World candidates as well as our Best of Second Life (BOSL) readers and fashion friends and designers...and they do really know it all! Topics cover anything from eyelashes to nails, from couture to beachwear, from hair to jewelry and fashion accessories.

To begin this thread, I will be sharing Miss & Mr. Virtual World's tips for impeccable styling:


Miss Virtual World 2011 Serene Faith always looks fabulous. These are some of her top fashion tricks and tips: 

1. Stay within the theme: If it's an elegant style you are creating, don't match it with crazy Halloween hair! 

2. Know your colors: Experiment with colors that complement and don’t clash with your skin tone. 

3. Use accessories: To differentiate yourself from others, try experimenting with makeup tattoos, jewelery, belts, bags, hats, jackets and/or scarves to add your own flair to an outfit. 

4. Don't go overboard: Adding a bunch of stuff or modifying too much — it can be too much!  


Mr. Virtual World 2011 Jax Aster has a very handsome and well-styled avatar. This is his styling advice:  

1. Be yourself: In any outfit — no matter if it is couture, retro, avant garde or some other theme — you should always be able to make it your style and add your own personal touches to the outfit.   

2. Be prepared: Try and make time to prepare. Style your outfit, adjust your prims, and then go over everything again. If you have time, leave your outfit for a few days and then come back to it. You never know what new ideas you may have or might find. 

3. Ask a friend: Always ask a friend what they think. Asking is also beneficial to make sure prims are in the right places and your poses or AO don't make your prims go all over the place! 

4. Be picky: Know what you want and go find it. I always seem to have an idea of what I want, and can never seem to find it but KEEP LOOKING! It's out there somewhere.


Frolic Mills is CEO of BOSL,  which includes BOSL magazine and the related blog, as well as the Miss Virtual World and Mr. Virtual World pageants. 

He is one of today's Fashion Experts and will be "on call" to respond to comments and answer questions both here and in the Fashion Forums from 9 am - 4 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday, September 19. 



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Good morning guys!

Here to share some of the vast information we at BOSL have gathered about great fashion in Second Life! feel free to share and ask away!  These people do know it all!


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I notice there are more and more real world designers making a move into SL and with the addition of mesh, do you think eventually there will be more cross-over between the real world Fashion and Second Life fashion designs?

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In my opinion, people are more concerned about their physical appearance and fashion today. The communication has grown with the Internet and other social media, making advertising to grow in scale. This also created a vision of what would be the woman / man perfect. In Second Life was not diferent, the peoples wanna be accept for anothers somehow, well this is my opnion, its not just the dresses or acessories, but the peoples start to see how the fashion can tell about how you are.

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Great advice from both Mr. & Miss Virtual World but I really wanted to say how much I agree with Mr. Jax Aster's first point, "Be yourself and make the style your own" so very important and great advice! Thanks for sharing Frolic! :)



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The cross over between real life and SL is something that interests me a great deal. In the early days several prestigious real life designers had spectacular failures in SL, largely because they did not have the technical abilities to make high quality SL products and partly because they did not fully understand the nature of the medium they were dealing with and expected their real life marketing strategies to be transferable to SL, which they were not. It is great to now see a renaissance in real designers in SL, notably Vita's, Shan and Meiling all of whom have managed to avoid all the previous pitfalls and establish top quality virtual designs. As you point out Cao it will be interesting to see how the development of mesh will affect the numbers of real life designers entering SL and I for one look forward to seeing more. Does anyone have Viv Westwood's phone number...?

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Hi Ponchita!

I believe that people like to experiment with new things in virtual worlds. While modeling may or may not be something people have done in the real world, modeling is always an exciting carreer in either life.


I, personally found modeling by accident in Second Life (I was talking to Maddox Dupont about my shape and Kirk saw me and asked me if I wanted to be a model... I was like - Can I do that?...) and found it very exciting. I also think that fashion designers are truly greatful of the abilities models have to really bring their creations to amazing new heights.


Modeling in Second LIfe is far more than owning an AO and striking some poses. It's the ART of styling and posing perfectly to inspire others and sell the outfit that you are showing. Unfunately you usually have 30 seconds to do it on the runway so make every move count. 


I think modeling in SL is challenging ponchi and perhaps very very hard to make it all the way to the top (only 1 out of 1000 will ever be recognized as a fabulous model) - Difficult challenges are always appealing to the human nature and maybe this is why it's so popular.




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Hi Frolic, I love the set by Bryon Oh, one of my favorite SL artists. What always amazes me, not being a designer myself, is the creativity and art in SL and fashion can be art, as many talent designers show us. I love that in SL you can actually wear all you want.

I also took a peak at the other stages, all very beautiful. Who made the red light set? I live in Amsterdam in rl and wonder if the creator is perhaps Dutch? :-)

Too bad most shows are on at a time I am sleeping, but with a couple of free days ahead I might make a couple of late nights to catch a few.

I also would welcome all tips for fashion photography, althought that might be on an other forum.... I am taking many picuters, and I hope one day I can contribute to a magezine iike BOSL magazine :-) so all tips are welcome. Do you ever do like non professional shoots for new photographers? A contest maybe?

and last but not least: thank you for all your work in SL :-)





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Mr Mills with all the new models trying to come up, how do we have a chance in the fashion world , what will make us stand out more to get that spot light of being on stage and walking the runway, maybe being in fashion week?What are some of your tips?

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Hi Straw!!

I completely agree with you and Jax... a model who changes EVERYTHING everyday, eventually becomes unrecognizable and hence an anonymous avatar.


Make yourself recognizable, unique and fabulous. Experiment with everything you want, but make sure you keep some elements that make you recognizable and yourself!

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Hi  Aphrodite :)


Yes! I wrote about the fine line between the real world and the virtual world in my publisher's note in THE BEST OF SL Magazine and I really believe this line is growing thinner every day.

I lost Vivienne Westwood's phone number a while back but here is her website where you can contact her offices! 



You are welcome girl!

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I've heard male friends comment that Fashion on SL is more geared towards the female avatar than the male.  (I do believe is the same in RL, but with a lot lesser difference).. do you see some of these fabulous designers take on more male fashion designs?

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Caffi darling :)


The only way to make it to the top in ANY business in real life or second life is to work hard and raise above the rest!


Be innovative, style to aww your audience, strike poses that are accurate but also to the highest level of interest, get involved in competitions and most of all bring something new to the table!


Good luck to you Caffi!

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Hi Guapa!


Hezabel I actually do see the change in the last year or so. If you think male fashion is still limited now, you have no idea ther headaches I went through in 2007!


I see a LOT of great designs for man now ... Labels like GIZZA, MIAMAI, Hoorenbeek Tableau Vivant, Aoharu, Gabriel, Muism, Mr. Poet, etc etc have done wonders for the male fashion industry!


So I have nothing to complain!





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I have a small comment to make which ties up Jax's comments and some of the other questions being asked here. I think it is a mistake to try second guess what other people want from you as a model and take that as your starting point. Of course there are certain criteria which you need to fulfill to be succesful but 'being yourself' is in my mind the most important thing. It won't always work, and not everyone will like everything you do, but that will happen in any event. In fashion diversity is essential and it is what makes it such fun. Yes of course we want to get favourable responses from judges, but having a real sense of who you are and a clear sense of your own style has to be the foundation on which to build yourself as a model. The rest as Frolic points out is just plain old hard work!

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Hi Cherry:

Thank you for your kind words on BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 - I agree Bryn Oh and Gizza are just brilliant.


The builder of the red light stage is Fae Varriale - not sure where she is from though. This will be such a cool show, I hope you won't sleep through this one! 


About photogtaphy - BOSL is always looking for fresh talent. send me your flickr page and I will certainly take a look at it.


Thank you so much!

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Frolic - do you like to predict where fashion is going in, say, the next 2 years?  I love to do this -- in RL I am about 50/50 but in SL I am not very good at it yet.  We have been getting more RL designers coming into the mix which is very exciting, but where do you think overall fashion is headed in the next year or two in SL, especially with the introduction of mesh into the mix?


Personally, I don't see mesh eliminating everything else, but instead I think it will only become another choice that we all have to add to our wardrobes.  Have you seen much in the way of mesh fashion yet in SL and if so, what do you think about it so far?

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Hello Frolic !!

Nice post and tips about being a successfull model.

I also agree with Aphrodite. I believe that mixing your tips + the idea of being yourself creates the perfect avatar.

Amazing !! 


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Hi All :-) Okay. I am not a model, but I have been around the modelling business in Second Life for quite a while now and I do get male & female friends asking me (both models & none models) about great places for Hair, Shoes, Skins etc. So asides from the stores we all go to first for these items (Belleza, Redgrave, Hoorenbeek, KMADD etc) what others can we recommend here to help? Frolic would obviously love your opinion too :P

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Hi Carilynn :P


I am actually pretty good at predictions... I predicted RED would be THE color of the season and that's why 2 months ago I decided to make an ALL red fashion show for BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011.


Yesteday at the Emmy's we saw the most amazing couture in RED by some of the most fashionable and fab actresses.


Don't miss it Carilynn - Go red girl!


And yes ... mix it, match it and do anything you want ... it's all about the possibilities and how far we can take them. Expect a lot of ugly mesh at first (just like the sculpties when they first came out)  but also expect incredibly beautful things to happen over time.


I am very excited to see where this is all going.



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I totally agree, Ponchi, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, I wear some male hair as well sometimes (love hair from Dura!) and I know a lot of my female model friends who do the same.  Why not?  If it looks good, then it works.  You can always experiment with mixing and matching with hair or any fashions or accessories made for the opposite sex, as long as it is in good taste and compliments the look you are creating.

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