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Fashion Expert Whimsy Winx: Unique Resident Content Motivates Us to Live, Explore and Create

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When I started as a new Resident, I explored Second Life but I didn't know what I was here for. Yet, I enjoyed what I was seeing and was visually stimulated by all of the user content. One of my favorite places was Creative Fantasy — this was my place to get lost in. Visually interesting, each build a scene of its own and each an inspiration for a photo, outfit or décor. This brought about my need to make things. I felt I had to put something — anything! — down on the grid and so I played with prims. Eventually, it wasn't enough. I found stores I needed to share with others. This need to create and share motivates us.

When shopping, styling, and blogging, I envision a complete look. Most of the time I do not do location shots, as they can be problematic. But I do have a scene or event in mind. Other bloggers and photographers will tell you the same thing. They put together an outfit and off they go looking for a location to shoot it in. This gets posted to photo sharing sites, added to groups, shared on social networks, blogged and then someone else sees it.

Next the inquiries start about where the content is from. Soon enough those items appear in another photo, and so on. A simple photo of a living room can inspire someone to create outfits they imagine the occupant might wear, or the use of the color scheme for clothing. The outfit I am wearing is influenced by an advertisement I saw. I was amazed at how well they paired black, red and purple.

How many of us are influenced by another to create something? This is what makes our Second Lives so unique and interesting, and why I've stayed. Without user-created content we would easily be bored. We wouldn't be creatively stimulated or motivated. So many of us have learned and refined new skill sets to be able to interact in our world, like graphics editing programs, 3D modeling and animation. Our evolution is personal, while very much a part of our collective conscious.

Whimsy Winx is a virtual fashion and event blogger for Virtually Dressed. She creates home and garden items for W. Winx, and generally plays well with others.
She is one of today's Fashion Experts and will be "on call" to respond to comments and answer questions both here and in the Fashion Forums from 9 am - 4 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday, September 19. 


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Yay, wonderful post, I really do like the colour combo. People really need to see what you do create here, because the way your mind influences your build mode always amazes me :).



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Great post Whimsy. I am continuously amazed by the content that people create. Their creativity inspires me and I end up doing exactly what you outlined: pick an outfit, look for a sim, shoot an image. I love it, I love the whole process and I love all of the creativity channelling in from everywhere. 

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I love this post Whimsy !!! 

The others creativity makes me keep on shooting and creating nice pictures and layouts. We are moved by others. We need others, we need the best creations, it´s like a snowball, it´s a circle. Love it !! 

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This is a great post and I really enjoyed reading it.  I always knew you had great taste and an eye for fashion.  The pictures of your creations always did "Wow" me.  Every little detail such as the settings for the background, atmosphere, lighting, environment are all perfect.  You have grown a lot since our noob days when we used to camp at Arsheba and Dakota's.  Keep up the great work!

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