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Land Price Cut: Lower Prices and Reduced Set-up Fees!

Linden Lab



Have you heard the news?

Effective immediately, monthly maintenance fees on Private Estates have dropped in price by up to 15%! In addition, one-time land set-up fees are also being reduced by as much as 41%.  

Ready to save? Here are the details on our newly-reduced prices:


Whether you are an existing or former landowner (or just thinking about owning land), now is a great time to save on Private Regions to build, create and design your own homes, businesses or experiences in Second Life!

Check out our Land page to learn more.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Private Estate price reductions do not apply to Skilled Gaming Regions.  While new Openspace Regions are no longer available for purchase, existing Openspace Region landowners will receive the newly-reduced monthly pricing. In addition, these changes will not impact any grandfathered or “bought down” land prices, since those are still below the newly-reduced rates.  Lastly, Education/Nonprofit (EDU/NP) discounted full islands have also been re-priced to maintain their 50% discount off the regularly priced full islands. The new price of $124.50 will go into effect at the start of that island's next invoiced billing term.


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