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New Feature to Make Life Easier for Estate Owners!

Linden Lab



Today, we’re happy to announce a brand new feature for the Land Manager page for private Estate Owners: web-based region restarts! Starting now, Estate Owners will be able to restart their regions remotely from their land.secondlife.com My Regions page.

We’ve been listening to the feedback from our Private Region owner community and we know that sometimes it’s impractical or even impossible to access your region inworld to perform the more traditional in-viewer region restart using the Region/Estate menu. With this new feature, Estate Owners can proactively select and restart their regions directly from the website without needing to log inworld and travel to each region individually.

Since we know that sometimes the reason a region cannot be accessed easily inworld is due to active griefing scenarios, we have also included the ability to restart the region in safe mode, in which the region will be brought back up with all the scripts, physics, and collisions disabled, making it possible to enter and remove any lingering item that may be causing issues. To see the new features available to you as a private Estate Owner, just log in to SecondLife.com and visit your Land Manager page.

We are always listening to your feedback, and we’re committed to continuing to make Second Life easier, safer, more efficient, and more fun!

Thank you for making Second Life great! We look forward to sharing more exciting new features with you soon.

You can learn more about becoming a private Estate Owner here.

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