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R2D2 Creator to Judge Machinima Contest

Linden Lab


The movie-effects creator who designed the original R2D2 model for some of the "Star Wars" films will be judging machinima contest "The Machinima 48 Hour Film Project." Check out more details here.


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Sounds like fun, and if anyone wants to use Legacies 1891 as backdrops, go right ahead. (shameless plug)

But seriously, the rendering of SL has now reached a stage where the quality of pre-process visuals are a  joy. It makes post-production edits so much easier with the depth-of-field, shadows, anti-aliasing and windlight. Smooth camera controls using 3dConnexion, which only leaves the actors... alas, they are human, the only flaw in the mix :P

Long may the creativity continue.


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@TriJin, you hit it right on the nose: I get so excited seeing multiple SL features combined to make the proverbial "greater than the sum of its parts" shine. I enjoy using my 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator to snap stills, because dutch angles are underused in SL photography. :) How have your experiences been using realtime shadows and depth of field + antialiasing? I find it considerably slows performance and there are some weird rendering glitches around edges of things (noticeably on hair), so I've mainly been filming with antialiasing off. Dead End Thrills has been a cinematic inspiration to me, I hope you'll enjoy it too.

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