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Great job, Pooky!!

This is a great, simple look into SL! Very organic feeling in presentation and flow, explaining a myriad of possibilities with an internationally spicy soundtrack. Really enjoyable to watch and makes me want to get back in there more often. It would make a great commercial in an advert campaign. ;)


Until after now...

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Really well done. It gave more of that fun 'The Sims' style effect, which is essentially what LL should be aiming for.

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I am very impressed wtih your machinema techniques!  I would love to learn how to apply my RL world knowledge of film making and bring that into SL!

I shared this video on my facebook and Google+ so those who are not in SL will see how awesome it can be.


Thank you and if there is anything you would share with me on how to do these, I would really appreciate it.

- Psyclonis Draconia

    "DJ Psy, The Late Night Maestro"

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