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Second Life Film on Oprah’s TV Network: Thursday, Aug. 25

Linden Lab


A film called Life 2.0 will air Thursday evening on OWN (Oprah’s TV network). The documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 and follows several Second Life users, illustrating some of the ways Second Life affected their offline lives (and vice versa).

You can watch the trailer for the film here, and check out some past reviews from Second Life Resident (and Betterverse blogger) Rik Riel, as well as from The New York Times, the Huffington Post, and the Village Voice.

The film and its portrayal of Second Life inspire a mix of reactions from audiences. If you watch the movie, we encourage you to add your voices and personal perspectives on Second Life to the conversations the film may spark — it’s a good opportunity for us all to talk about what we think makes Second Life interesting and special. If you’re on Twitter, you can join the conversation at #Life2.0.


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Well, I guess we've arrived, eh? On Oprah and all...

I thought this was an extraordinary film. It was shown last year during SLCC10 in Boston, and it was quite controversial for some of the SL oldbies especially -- you either loved it or hated it.

I loved it because it featured some very real second lives and very real situations, but some of the idealistic oldbies felt that it was "too negative" and that films about Second Life should be only Happy People Eating Noodle Salads and only positive.

It was really quite something to follow these different lives.

Here are my reviews -- and my review of the viewers... it was really an eye-opener for me to see how much the educators couldn't appreciate this film and wanted to assign the film-maker some social role of portraying only "educational" aspects of SL.



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I'm afraid, from my experience elsenet, that sophiaquo looks to me to be some sort of spammer, and I wouldn't touch the link in the post with a bargepole. It has the feel of something written by some sort of robot, possibly triggered by the word "Christian". Whether Second Life has enough Google-fu to be worth the effort of setting up an account, I am not sure. I anticipate there being a large number of posts, blog comments and in forums, from this account, and maybe from others with the same IP address.

(The site I usually see suffering attempts at this sort of abusive SEO has developed an effective system of detection and control. Were this to have happened there, I wouldn't need to write anything this long.) 


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Gotta love how its about social network while its SOOO social that we european ppl cant watch the thing.

I'll leave my comment at that and leave a fart instead *farts*

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meh. gack on production values and depressingly negative viewpoint besides.  All that stuff about SL sex relationships not working out in RL, DUH, and it's been done, stop beating the dead horse already.  A film needs to be done about it, yes - maybe a thoughtful treatment of new kinds of erotic and emotional experience that VR has helped create. 

I was really interested in new information on the IP lawsuit, appalled at the filmmaker's attitude toward it.  More emphasis on the value-destroying thieves, and calling them what they are, and more on the creative process of this fine graphics artist, would have made a more interesting story.  One shot of her actual day online, which has to be spent far more in graphics software than logged into SL, would have been far more plausible.  I did like the Vegas segment - two people whose online friendship also finds joy iRL. 

Shoddy research and depiction of the use of child avatars to help adult victims of early childhood abuse. There are several reputable people working in this area in VR.  Minimal research and mention of them would have been nice.  

And ONE positive bio, would that have been too difficult?  I know dozens of people whose lives have been transformed, for the better, by virtual creative and performing arts; charitable and educational projects.

BORING alert: this filmmaker is obsessed with cigarettes and unmade beds.  It makes him look like a recent film grad who watched a wee bit too much noir in his sophomore year. 



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It was ehhhhhh okay

Not that it was not well put together, but it did not sell Second Life too much to cause mass sign ups.

The Love relationship they show is a person cheating on her husband lol. I just felt it focused a lot on the negative rather than glamorizing SL.

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