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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 03/25/2016

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Xiola Linden


Spring is doing it’s thing all over the grid flowers are blossoming and the snow is melting away. Nature is waking up and painting a pretty picture across Second Life.

The Second Life Destination Guide has a hit list of Spring and Winter themed events you should check out. From the last official snowball fight of the season to a palooza of Easter themed hunts, you’re bound to have baskets full of fun.

You may have noticed a short video crop up highlighting some bars and pubs in Second Life. We hope to bring more of this in the future as another way to see what’s going on in the Destination Guide. They are not staged so you never know when we might stop by to do a little filming!

 Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!
Now login the snowball fight is starting and there’s lots of spots to visit!.



One Final Snow Fight

Take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts! Have ice-hurling fun with the Lindens on Friday, March 25th from 10 a.m.- noon and 2 - 4 p.m. (Pacific).

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2016 Easter Town

Join the fun at the 7th annual Easter Town event. You can do everything from race marshmallow peeps, drive carrot cars, dance the bunny hop, ride egg boats, hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy hot air balloon tour and even take pictures with the Easter Bunny. There is also an egg decorating contest where 4,000 L$ will be given in prize money. Lots of fun activities and shopping await you at Easter Town 2016.

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Bite Me Easter 2016

Bite Me Easter 2016 is a shopping event and hunt filled with over 20 stores and gifts. Celebrate Easter and spring as you browse gacha machines filled with great items and prices.

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EggaPalooza Spring Hunt

Hike, bike, ride, or drive to seek out hundredss of gift eggs hidden in plain sight! The 10th Annual EggaPalooza Spring Hunt at Aero Pines Park spans three regions. Great fun for groups, families, explorers, and avid hunters. Event held through May 31st.

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Easter Takeover

Rebel Yell Concerts presents Easter Takeover, a holiday event filled with activities including horseback riding, romantic spots, an Easter egg hunt, a Sky Rail, tribute concerts and more. Spend some quality time in this immersive nature and park experience.

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Light and Shadow Pleasure Faire

The Light and Shadow Pleasure Faire, held March 20-26, is partly a craft fair, partly historical reenactment and partly performance art. People working at Faire dress in costumes (garb) typical of our period. Booths sell crafts and food. Parades wind their way through the crowds. Jugglers, musicians, magicians, and other entertainers perform through the weekend. Tournaments to test your skills. Your day is spent wandering about, competing with the realms best for prizes, examining wares, sampling foods, watching plays and performers, and of course drinking fine exotic brews.

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Tarot Card History

Learn about the origins and history of Tarot Cards in this special limited-time exhibition, located at Rocca Sorrentina.

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Mysts of Eyr

The Isle of Eyr welcomes imaginative people and inventive storylines. Come play in this immersive RP community on an untamed rainforest island shrouded in mysts and magic.

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Strawberryland by Cica Ghost

Q: Why were the little strawberries upset? A: Because their parents were in a jam!

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Rocca Sorrentina & Bay of Naples, 1785

Operated as an immersive education experiment by Brown University, this fictional but historically-inspired 18th-century Italian island is located in the Bay of Naples. Visitors are welcome for optional roleplay set in the year 1785. Public programs and exhibits are offered on the history and ideas of the Enlightenment, the era of the Grand Tour, and the baroque, rococo and neo-classical styles in art and music.

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Gacha Get It

Gachas within Gachas. A whole new concept in Gacha addiction! Put all your spare Gacha into the Gacha machines and let others play Gacha! Got it? Events held every first and third Friday of the month -- each round lasts only seven days.

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John Conway's Game of Life

Often what we see on the surface goes so much deeper than we imagine. Although the images and patterns produced by John Conway's game of life may be familiar to many of us, most people are unaware of the richness hidden within. Come, interact, explore, and possibly even learn about The Game of Life.

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Valaskala is a limited-time sound installation by Instincta & Stem van Helsinki. Only a few jumps and the symphony begins...

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Sea Horse Pub - Letters of Elizabeth I

Step inside the past and read the letters of Good Queen Bess. Watch her transform from a convicted Princess to a Powerful Queen. Heed the advice of the Virgin Queen as you tap on the plates and decor.

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