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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 01/15/2016

Xiola Linden


We know you spend time inworld all week long, but sometimes there’s a little more time to relax and enjoy the finer things when the weekend comes around. The Second Life Destination Guide team spends a lot of time inworld curating fantastic spots for the community to check out. If you’re feeling lucky you can always just head over to the Destination Guide and take a shot in the dark, but if you want a short list of just a few places that have been hand selected by our editors then this is the blog for you!

As you explore the grid, share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr.  Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

If your spot is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.

Now on to the hot spots! Have fun, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you inworld!


Telrunya - Forest of Dreams

Enter a world straight out of a fairytale where you can find magical creatures around every corner. This is a haven for those who look for a tranquil environment, a home for fairies, fauns, elves and those who love to be lost in a dreamworld. Walk, fly or ride a boat to explore all the beauty this sim has to offer.

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Oi Oi Oi

Do you remember a guy that's been. In such an early song. I've heard a rumor from ground control. Oh, no! Don't say it's true...

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Forest of Zyn Love Tunnel Ride

Hop aboard this romantic boat ride, which takes you through various amorous scenes reminiscent of an old-fashioned love tunnel ride.

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Cedar Creek State Park

Cedar Creek State Park is a LGBT sim featuring outdoor activities all set in a mountainous state park setting. The sim offers inexpensive rental cottages, perfect for new comers to Second Life. There's also a night club and lots of weekly activities for residents and visitors. Come and visit the park and become part of the Cedar Creek experience.

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Le Cactus

A celebration of the extraordinary talents of cultural trailblazer Josephine Baker, queen of the trumpet Valaida Snow, the lampshade-hatted dancers of the Casino de Paris and the offbeat irony of Jacques Dutronc.Throw a banana on your head, dance on a cactus and tickle a tentacle. Everything's interactive, so click away!

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The Seasons Story

The Seasons Story is finally ready for a brand new chapter! Join all these amazing designers through Jan. 31 for wonderful winter exclusives.

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Gacha Good Events: Out With The Old

This January Gacha event has over 80 gachas and 40 merchants. Browse through both new and old gacha items at this Gacha Good event, held through Jan. 31.

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Berg by Nordan Art

Berg by Nordan Art is showing the installation Fading Mask by Haveit Neox and the exhibit Simply Samples of Her Repertoire by Mich Michabo. The teleport to the installation on the ground is located in the gallery. Don't miss these limited-time events, held through March.

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Japan - Hiroba

Visit Japan-HIROBA, a helpful place for Japanese-speaking residents of Second Life. Here you'll find assistance from a supportive community, as well as a dressing room, beginner tutorials and free sandbox.

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Breeze Cape Carnival

Fun awaits at the Breeze Cape Carnival, an amusement park filled with interactive rides, rollercoasters, a log flume and much more.

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