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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 11/13/2015

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Xiola Linden


Autumn has finally decided to fall upon us here in the Lab’s San Francisco offices. We didn’t think it would ever come - but took comfort in the fact that we could always visit gorgeous autumnal regions in Second Life. There is something magical and fantastic about that mix of Fall and Winter taking place all over the grid. Some of you are eager to dash into the winter holiday season - while others still cling to the lingering haunts of Halloween. I’m a little bit of both - to be honest! So, our Second Life Destination Guide editors must have been in the same mind when they curated this great list of spots you need to visit inworld!


Gacha Good Events Bounty Of the Harvest

Gacha Good Events presents "Bounty Of The Harvest," a holiday event that celebrates the autumn and upcoming winter months with a variety of items that represent the fall month. There are 50 designers and over 100 Gachas to browse through.

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Rainbow Music Festival

Vote for your favorite deejays at the Rainbow Music Festival, beginning Nov. 13 at the Santorini Club.

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Disability Rights Affirmation Confererence

Virtual Ability's International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference (IDRAC 2015) offers speakers who discuss and celebrate successes, identify issues and re-affirm the rights of people with disabilities across the world. The event is held Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Pacific).

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Bellisimo Art Gallery

This gallery hosts beautiful artwork by talented Second Life artists. Don't miss the monthly exhibitions on rotation.

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Fractal Insanity

Fractal Insanity is an exhibition that features the fractal art and abstracts of Milly Sharple. The art in this gallery is rotated regularly as new work is added, keeping the venue interesting for new visitors as well as returning ones.

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Explore this island of adventure, filled with lots of fun and prizes that await you. There are several missions where you can look for artifacts, pendants, vouchers worth Lindens, treasures and more.

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Aspen Fell - Endless

Discover the charms of Endless by Aspen, a calm monochromatic sim is open to the public for all to enjoy.

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Driftwood Valley Winter Wonderland 2015

Driftwood Valley Estates would like to invite you to explore the 2015 Winter Wonderland. The naked winter trees line the avenue.There is a freezing chill in the air that brings crispness to the leaves, bejeweled with frost, that crunch underfoot. Rosy cheeked, we stamp to keep warm, pulling woolen hats over our reddened ears and tightening scarves over our blue-tinged lips.

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Christmas Fair 2015

Get ready for Christmas at this special fair, held through the holidays in Second Life. In the town square, you'll find a lit Christmas tree and shops that sell a variety of souvenirs, gifts, decorations and more.

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Christmas Lane

Come visit this beautiful Christmas and winter sim where you can fly with Santa, skate on ice, visit a coffee shop, listen to Christmas carols, take pictures and find all you need for this holiday season!

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Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland

This winter-themed sim is filled with the spirit of Christmas. Bring your friends to explore, dine and dance in the ballroom, ice-skate, sledge, cuddle, play in the snow, visit the coffee shop and take photographs. There's plenty to do and see and everyone is welcome!

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Telrunya - Winter Has Come...

Welcome to the wintery land of Telrunya, the perfect place to explore, relax, go ice skating and take wonderful pictures in this exquisite scenery. With a hint of magic, this place is truly a winter wonderland.

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Krampus - Your Christmas Nightmare

In a repeating vivid dream, you get told that your name is written in Krampus' book. It promises that you will suffer all kind of hell's agony before the year is over. Can you escape your fate and stop the repeating dream?

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Christmas at The North Pole

In a secret valley in the North Pole, Santa Claus and his elves are working hard. In the hidden village, letters are piling up at the post office. Santa takes his time reading, checking each list twice, making sure he writes down who's naughty or nice. Come visit this magical wintry spot in time for the magic of Christmas

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Country Christmas

Welcome to Country Christmas, where you can stroll around looking for a special holiday present or simply ice skate in the park.

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Be sure to share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

There’s only a day left to enter to win prizes in our 2015 Fa-BOO-lous Snapshot Contest - take pictures of your inworld adventures and share them to the contest for a chance to win Linden prizes.

See you inworld!

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